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This radio show is about waking people up to our corporate reality. The federal government became a corporation in the 1870’s. The Federal Reserve banksters took control of it with the passage of the Federal Reserve Act in 1913. They then proceeded to loot and bankrupt it by 1933, according to Rep Lewis McFadden who was on the house banking committee at the time.

As the Trustees of the bankruptcy, the Sabbatean Jewish international bankers set up a whole new form of government as a commercial enterprise. Today all states have adopted the Uniform Commercial Code and the organic Constitution has long been suspended.  All government entities are now corporations . . . doing business.

“Corporate governments are a usurpation of the organic American Constitution …. ”
From retired Judge Dale’s book, The Great American Adventure – Judge Says USA INC is Just a Corporate Franchise Network

To justify the confiscation of the people’s gold in 1933, US Citizens were made “enemies of the state” and their status has not changed since.

On our show, we talk about the many ways the people – as enemies – are under attack and explore strategies for defending ourselves.

Dead legal-fictions known as Corporations CANNOT be allowed to control our country or our planet. Corporations are not real; they are merely fictions on a piece of paper. People have to wake up to this and start challenging corporate-government’s ‘presumed’ authority.

To help understand the importance of this show and why we must act now, please read Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. It is time to start enthusiastically defending ourselves and stop giving our consent.


AL Whitney

AL Whitney lives in Central Ohio. She has a diverse background which includes health care, environmentalism, child advocacy, and community viability. She was a Respiratory Therapist for many years and is married to a retired physician.

In 2009, AL founded For Ohioans (now as a response to the bogus swine flu pandemic.

In 2010, after becoming aware of the massive amount of deception and corruption in our corporate government system, she founded

AL edits and updates the LAWFULLY YOURS guide available for free on

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