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Sam Bushman
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Liberty RoundTable Radio Program broadcasts live Monday through Friday mornings (7:00 am – 9:00 am Mountain Time). It is nationally syndicated via the Liberty News Radio Network and also simulcasts online. Its library of broadcast archives can be accessed on demand.
Liberty RoundTable is hosted by Sam Bushman with Co-Host Curt Crosby and invited guests. A variety of local, state, and national political topics are explored from a refreshing, unique and independent perspective. Political conversation that cuts through the spin and fluff to the heart of today’s key political issues; protecting life, liberty, and property.
Promoting God, Family and Country in the media and our lives. Let Freedom Ring!


According to Sam, the words “Family Man” describe him to a tee. Along with his strong Christian beliefs, his wife Julie and eight children are his treasures. His hobbies include home schooling his children, playing games, fun in the outdoors, reading, a love of music, and his favorite, talk radio. Sam has been a talk show host for 20 years, sharing his God given gift of gab on a wide range of topics. His radio programs have been syndicated on several radio networks, including Liberty News Radio, a worldwide talk radio startup solution built and owned by Sam. He currently hosts two talk shows syndicated through Liberty News Radio:

TechWatch Radio – Technology, we cover it all, how it relates to our lives, and how it is best used –  Saturday at 9 AM ET.

Liberty Roundtable –  Candid political discussion of current issues affecting you and your liberty – Monday – Friday from 9-11 ET.

Sam is a well-known public speaker on all topics relating to liberty, including a He Who Owns The Media Makes The Rules DVD and the New Media Takes Center Stage Presentation.

Sam runs a consulting business, End to End Technologies, specializing in radio automation, digital audio production and editing, voice over work, remote control access, networking, and Internet streaming. Sam is available as an IT consultant for small business.


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