Google Caught Manipulating Search Results to Push Jan 6th Riot News Instead of Minnesota Riots

April 15, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source: patrioticviralnews


During his tenure in the White House, former President Donald J. Trump exposed the dishonest media and the methods used by Big Tech outfits to manipulate information. Despite the U.S. Senate hauling in CEOs from Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others, these woke corporations have only enhanced their disinformation efforts.

This video exposes Google for what it’s doing to inflame tensions, shift blame and cause riots, looting, and murder to surge across the country.

Google search engines are being manipulated every day to lead everyday people to products, advertising, and political narratives its woke employees want you to see. If you were to type in the word “energy” and click a news search, you’d expect a massive list of reports about the skyrocketing cost of gasoline to appear. After all, gas surged by more than 85 cents since Joe Biden took office and shows no signs of slowing. What you will probably find instead are outdated reports about the Texas deep freeze and power problems. That’s not just fake news. It’s also old news.

Search manipulations like this one are taking place across the board. Google is intentionally trying to shield left-wing organizations, like BLM, from blame or from news that puts them in a negative light.

On this video, conservative podcast hosts run a search to see what pops up on Google about the recent Minnesota and Portland riots. Although the dishonest media hides the fact, Portland continues to suffer arson, looting, and riots nearly every night of the week. But the Minnesota street violence is considered breaking news and is what most users are looking for information on. If you want to know what Google is doing to promote violence in the streets, watch this video. It will make you want to switch search engines.