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Dear fellow EMF advocates,

Inserting language into a large piece of legislation has long been a tried and true way to get unpopular legislation passed. The authors in the Congress are taking advantage of the fact that people are distracted and may not understand the full intention of “rider.” If Congress passes 5G streamline legislation and the President signs the carrier bill, the stimulus into law, the FCC 5G rules will then become codified in federal law. This development will negate the potential suceess of the many lawsuits that have been brought against the FCC by municipalities and citizens, that challenge the FCC 5G rules. This 5G streamline proposal has been held up in Senate Commerce for almost two years and its sponsors are taking advantage of the Covid 19 crisis to get it passed into law, under the radar.

Contact your federal legislators and state and local public officials to advise them to oppose this action.

To our health,

Libby Kelley

We have received word from offices on Capitol Hill that telecommunications industry lobbyists are pushing for inclusion of the STREAMLINE Small Cell Deployment Act in the stimulus legislation.

The STREAMLINE Act would enshrine in law the recent orders of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) regarding small cell preemption regulations. These orders expedite the deployment of 5G and make it much more difficult for local officials to have control over the placement of small cell antennas in your community.

Please reach out to your congressional representatives in both chambers RIGHT NOW to oppose the inclusion of the STREAMLINE Act in the stimulus legislation!

Contact Your Federal Rep RIGHT NOW


“I am calling to voice strong opposition to including the ‘STREAMLINE Act’ in the stimulus bill. This is not the time or place to use the levers of government to advance the interests of private companies.”

Thanks for all you do!

-The 5G Crisis Team

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