8 Recent Reasons The “Manufactured” Border Crisis ISN’T Manufactured

January 20, 2019 in News by Slad

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Source: clashdaily.com
Written by Wes Walker

Pelosi and Company were getting ready leave Dodge for a week in the middle of the Shutdown. Because she’s not interested in any solution that involves closing the border.

Together with other Democrats and the Media(D), she claims the crisis is somehow ‘manufactured’. She could NOT be more wrong. Here are some recent stories that prove just HOW wrong she is.

The Caravans Keep Coming

A new ‘Caravan’ just punched through the Mexican Border, en route to USA what the numbers will swell to by the time they arrive on the border is anybody’s guess.

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Hundreds of mostly Honduran migrants entered southern Mexico on Friday, joining around 1,000 other people from Central America who crossed a day earlier and putting to the test Mexico’s vows to guarantee the safe and orderly flow of people.

…A migration official at the entry point, who asked not to be named because she was not authorized to speak to media, said that at least 1,000 people crossed from Guatemala into Mexico before dawn, without putting on wrist bands.

Asked why migrants did not receive wrist bands, David Leon, the director of civil protection, said authorities faced a caravan of hundreds of people early in the morning and let them pass rather than risk a confrontation.
Source: Reuters

As you read futher, you will see this isn’t the only one.

Rapists in the Crowd

Time reported that a nine-year-old girl in the group had already been raped and required medical attention. This aligns with the dangers we already know that attend to journeys like this one. When the President’s Oval Office address was ‘fact checked’ for raising the human rights concern that one-in-three women and girls are sexually abused during their attempts to illegally cross the border, it was because the President’s numbers were WAY Too low.