Anti-vaxxer parents hold ‘measles parties’ to give their kids the deadly virus so they become immune and don’t need MMR jab

April 10, 2019 in News by RBN Staff



Growing up in a time when I attended a Chicken Pox Party, I can hear the Liberals screaming, “Call CPS …  Parents are endangering their children by holding measles parties!”  The MSM and big pharma are attempting to create/manufacture a PANDEMIC outbreak of measles. My next door neighbor bought into this fear campaign.  I told him that 384 cases of the measles is NOT a pandemic.  Informed him that there are approximately 74 Million children under the age of 18 living in America.  The math:  That would mean that there are 73,999,616 Million children who DON’T have the measles. Eyes wide open.  That many?  Still believe it is a pandemic?
– Steve Elkins


Source: The Sun

City health officials blasted the parties in Brooklyn, New York