Aussie Truckers Victorious! South Australia Drops Mandatory Jab For Interstate Drivers

September 6, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff


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Rumble — Aussie Truckers Victorious! South Australia Drops Mandatory Jab For Interstate Drivers Following Blockade Protest
September 4, 202108

Australian Truckers Stop: Govt Tries to Buy Them Off
– The David Knight Show September 2nd, 2021–Govt-Tries-to-Buy-Them-Off:9?r=2CeHyp5mPPo9ByxsqW8vc4caqGzw8jKY

Government if frightened enough that it offered some concessions — but ONLY to the truckers. We will hang together or we will hang separately. What if 30%, 20% or even just 10% of us quit rather than be jabbed? If we don’t do it SOON, they’ll have robots to replace us.

Australian Truckers Stop: Govt Tries to Buy Them Off

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It looks like the media is keeping something a little hush-hush shh 🤫
The truckies blockade is certainly happening! Pottsville Nsw Australia! 🇦🇺
This is TODAY!!!!! 4th Sep 2021 9:57am
SHARE WIDE! Go boys!!!!!!!!!!
This is from a friend of the family! Defs happening RIGHT NOW

Aussie Truckies Blockade Latest
So, what’s happening with the Aussie Truckies Blockade, said to be stopping the nation. Well, to be honest, not very much. Some isolated actions have been seen but not the coordinated stoppage that was envisioned I think.

But… and it is a big BUT… the goalposts have been moved by the Queensland government to delay the start of a No Jab No Work rule for truckies in or entering the state of Queensland (which was the final straw that triggered the truckie outrage – although there is high discontent of a more general nature around lockdowns, vaccines etc.), moved from last Monday to next Monday. So truckies have another week of work to do before they no longer can. And since it is claimed that 80% of truckies are unjabbed, the effect of the new rule will itself mean transport grinds to a halt more or less without any truckie action – of which I am sure there will be plenty when the crunch comes. But expect sporadic disruptions throughout the week.

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+++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Note on Australian trucker story posted above: There is a major disinformation battle going on regarding the truckers shutting down Sydney. Nothing is as it appears. Be very careful with discussing this topic if you live in Australia. The thought police are out in full force in Australia and have just been given unlimited power over your social media accounts. Australians are now at risk of arrest for posting things online that their government doesn’t like. The fight for freedom marches on. The Truckies have ‘apparently’ done it. Full blockade to every Sydney Entrance has been in place. I’m getting news that their signals were jammed, a lot of their social media’s have been taken down and not one news organisation (including sky news) will be reporting on this. However, digital life doesn’t always resemble real life and in real life entrances have all been blocked. If anyone has more info on this, please share ?? The truckie blockade is going on across Australia — there’s massive delays and blocks in all the state border towns at the TRUCK STOPS! There’s also the biggest fake news media blackout on this happening now too. Video: Pottsville, NSW, Australia! Saturday, 4th September, 2021. If people wanted to know if there actually is a truckie blockade across Australia, i can confirm there 100% IS! I just contacted a mate who is a truck driver. Also look at the satellite traffic and road maps and specifically where issues are. Massive delays and blocks in all the state border towns at the TRUCK STOPS! And why has hardly anyone seen photos or video? My mate has. But you actually expect the media or any place to publish those showing the Truth when their job is to only tell you lies. This is the biggest media blackout in living memory. But i guess the only way to know for sure is to see it for yourself. Mill. Wallan. Etc. Video: Pottsville, NSW, Australia! Today Saturday 4th September, 2021 @ 9:57am. SHARE FAR AND WIDE! Go boys!!!!!!!!!! WE ARE DIGGERS AND ANZACS. LEST WE FORGET? THIS IS HOW WE REMEMBER!! WE STAND.….ka-stockade-1854-mel