Biden Threatens to “Cancel” Independence Day if Vaccinations Rates Don’t Go Up

April 27, 2021 in News by RBN Staff

source:  libertyplanets

President Joe Biden issued a “warning” to Americans that they would not be able to gather with family and friends on July 4 if vaccination rates don’t rise. His message is being completely ignored by freedom-loving Americans all over the country.

The president said he is “not yet comfortable” with the idea of small outdoor gatherings, but people in red and blue states throughout the nation are getting together outdoors with family and friends. Concern about catching COVID-19 is abating as more than half of American adults have gotten at least one COVID-19 shot, tens of millions have acquired natural immunity by catching and recovering from COVID-19, and scientific evidence shows that the risk of catching COVID-19 from people in an open-air, outdoor setting is minimal.

The President’s hesitation to “allow” Americans to gather with friends and family members for Independence Day has been rightly mocked by Republicans who note that that President Biden and his aides need to get out more.

 Ironically, the problem with the slowing vaccination rate is the fault of the President’s own base. Liberal reporters have been eager to highlight the many conservative voters who are leery of getting the COVID-19 jab. However, recent statistics show that older Americans, who are often conservative have been turning out for the shot while young Millennials keep putting it off.

Nearly one in four young Americans from 18 to 29 years in age have adopted a “wait and see” attitude towards the vaccine. On one hand, these young people have seen friends and family members in their age bracket catch and then recover from COVID-19 without facing long-term consequences; on the other hand, they’re also staying abreast of the news, and they’re more concerned about the risks and side effects of getting vaccinated than about catching COVID-19.

At the end of the day, Americans are going to end up doing what they want. We’ve already seen how unenforceable draconian lockdown orders are. Notable proponents of such orders have proven terrible at following them. We’ve seen CNN anchors, Democratic governors, and professional rioters all break quarantine while asking for the rest of America to remain locked in their basements forever. No one is falling for this anymore.

New York and California might not be celebrating Independence Day this year, but we have a feeling that Texas, Florida, and South Dakota will be. President Biden can’t do anything about it.