Blame it on us! RT’s Epic ‘Trolling’ Ads Wow Social Media Users (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

July 22, 2017 in News, Video by Slad


RT has rolled out a series of ads in airports across Russia that troll numerous US allegations against Russia over alleged meddling in the 2016 presidential election. The ads have attracted the attention of major US mainstream media and social media users.

“Missed a plane? Lost an election? Blame it on us!” reads one ad on a large display screen at the airport.

Another one makes a jab at Hillary Clinton: “The more you watch, the more upset Hillary Clinton becomes.”

A third one reads, “Come closer and find out who we are planning to hack next.”


The ads have taken trolling to a new level. The photos of one of the ads was first uploaded to Twitter by Rachel Palermo, a former press rep for the Democratic Party and were then flagged by BuzzFeed.

​Commenting on her tweet, users laughed at how Palermo managed to “survive” her layover in Moscow and many users expressed delight at the ad campaign calling it “excellent,” “hilarious” and “epic trolling.”



In response to BuzzFeed’s request for comments, RT replied with irony. A representative of the TV channel thanked the “army of trolls that hacked screens for us,” and then warned that BuzzFeed’s article on the advertising campaign could become a reason for accusations of “collusion with the Kremlin.”

Russia Today
Russia Today

The press service of RT went even further in their sarcasm and joked that the ads were personally approved by Putin.

Although RT did not explain the specific objective of the campaign, the signs are obviously aimed at trolling the allegations made against Russia at Hillary Clinton’s loss last year, as well as to allegations of Russian meddling in the election and alleged hacking.