Calling Georgia’s Election Law “Racist” is an Insult to Black Voters

April 9, 2021 in News by RBN Staff

source:  libertyplanet

President Joe Biden and Stacy Abrams led a disinformation campaign against Georgia’s recent voter integrity law that demeans Black voters and takes money out of the pockets.

The deliberate lies told by Biden and Abrams resonated through the fake news media. Their grotesque distortion of the truth prompted Major League Baseball to relocate its All-Star game to Denver, costing the high number of African-American businesses in Atlanta to lose upwards of $100 million. That revenue will now line the pockets of White, liberal Denver residents instead. According to Black Republican Senator Tim Scott, Atlanta enjoys an African-American population of more than 50 percent, compared to 9.2 percent in Denver.

“Georgia: Voter ID, 17 days of early voting. Colorado: Voter ID, 15 days of early voting,” Sen. Scott reportedly tweeted. “The @MLB is moving the #MLBAllStarGame out of ATL, which has more day-of voting rights than CO? The Wokes are at it again, folks.”

What adds insult to injury is that Black voters widely agree with the voter protections implemented by the state’s Election Integrity Act of 2021. The new law closes many of the loopholes that led to voters losing faith in the process after 2020. Georgia was at the eye of a voter fraud storm.

Video evidence surfaced that at least one polling station dismissed the media and official oversight personnel claiming they had finished for the day. Once the area was clear, they pulled suitcases that were hidden under tables and may have tallied upwards of 100,000 ballots overnight. No reasonable explanation has been offered for what appears to be illegal ballot counting.

A recent Rasmussen poll indicates that Black voters overwhelmingly approve of the law’s voter ID requirements by a 73-percent margin. The left-wing narrative by Biden and Abrams thumbs its nose at Black Americans, insinuating they do not have access to driver’s licenses or government IDs. When Biden and Abrams call the strengthened protections and expanded early voting days, “Jim Crow” or “Suppression,” the Democrats appear to imply African-Americans lack empowerment. Their very words only serve to divide Americans.

“It bothers the hell out of me. And what’s worse is that they never show data how, somehow, black people don’t have access to IDs, or it disproportionately affects them because they simply can’t get it,” African-American Congressman Byron Donalds reportedly said. “I find it, frankly, it’s disrespectful. It is literally the soft bigotry of low expectations. Because what you’re saying is that a black kid can’t get an ID.”

Democrats rolled out massive, unrestricted voting policies using the pandemic as an excuse. It opened the door to perhaps the most fraudulent election in the country’s history. Liberals suddenly outpaced Republicans in areas they had never won before. In the end, voter fraud negates the honest ballots filled out and legally cast by African-Americans, as well as others who disagree with open borders, sanctuary cities, and socialism. African-American businesses will lose the revenue they desperately need after the economic disruption caused by Democrat lockdowns in Atlanta. Commissioner of Baseball Robert D. Manfred Jr. got snookered by Biden and Abrams and Georgians will pay the price for it. Ironically, MLB requires a photo ID to pick up tickets in Democrat-run Denver.