Christian Zionism

November 22, 2019 in News, Video by RBN Staff



This largely political activity is a lifelong work of discovery by the founders of We Hold These Truths. Christian Zionism is confusing because it masquerades as a faith.

We may have been the first to define Christian Zionism as:  “the belief that the present day State of Israel is the fulfillment of Biblical prophesy.”

As such, Israel has assumed a semi-god status in the minds of some 50 million or more professing Christians.

Milestones along our path of discovery:

“Iraq: Americans Prepped for ‘War’” – Charles E Carlson – December 26, 1990.

“DAY 911 (published three days after the attack)” – Charles E Carlson – September 14, 2001.

Understanding Evangelical’s Prophesy of War and the ‘End Times’” –  Charles E Carlson –  June 27, 2005

“‘Christian Zionism’ The World’s Most Urgent Mission Field” – Charles E Carlson – May 28, 2013

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