Conservative Coalition “We are NOT in this together” Forms to Rebuke Lockdown

May 11, 2020 in News, Video by RBN Staff



May 11, 2020
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Conservative Coalition “We are NOT in this together” Forms to Rebuke Lockdown

(Washington, DC) – A large and growing conservative coalition composed of organizations, PAC’s, and media personalities has formed to emphatically rebuke the efforts of Elected Officials and Bureaucrats to enforce unconstitutional mandates to combat the Coronavirus.

We are NOT in this together, a coalition organized by the Constitutional Rights PAC, features Hollywood conservative Amanda Head’s scathing YouTube release condemning government officials who, “have taken our kindness for weakness and imposed even more of your cruel and oppressive dictates”.

The We are NOT in this together website declares, “If you try to IMPOSE your unconstitutional mandates such as social distancing, mandatory face masks, indefinite quarantines, business closures, we will not comply. We will test your unconstitutional mandates. We will force your hand. We will exercise our freedom. We will take care of our family, friends and neighbors as we deem appropriate.”

The coalition argues that politicians used COVID-19 as an excuse to expand their powers and centralize the economy. The group cites the immense federal deficit and exasperated measures enacted that skyrocketed unemployment rates and regulated business operations.

Chairman and Founder of Constitutional Rights PAC and coalition organizer Larry Ward said, “It’s scary to see how readily individuals surrendered their self-interest to the ‘collective interests’ based on the erroneous predictions from Dr. Anthony Fauci. With no coercive measures, in very short time, nearly every strata of society adopted a punitive culture of compliance. But people are beginning to wake up.”

Resistance to new orders and mandates comes after New York State hospital admissions’ data revealed 66% of new admissions were from people sheltering at home. A “shocking” revelation to Governor Andrew Cuomo and other state officials.