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Learn how to brew Blackout Coffee to perfection with these simple methods. We go over what you need in order to brew coffee and which coffee is recommended for the best brew. Brewing methods discussed are: Drip Coffee Machine, Pour Over, Cold Brew, Aeropress, French Press and Chemex.

If you want to learn How to brew kickass coffee at home click here to for in depth instructions.



Makes: 2-12 cups

Grind: Medium

Brew Time: 4-8 min

Recipe: 2 tbsp of coffee / 6 oz water

Recommended Coffee: Brewtal AwakeningMorning ReaperSmooth FinishLow Voltage Decaf.


1.) Pour filtered water in coffee pot of machine.

2.) Fill Line to desired cups of coffee.

3.) Insert Filter.

4.) Add ground coffee (2 tbsp per 6 oz of water).

5.) Brew 4-8 minutes.


Makes: 2 Cups

Grind: Medium to Medium-Fine

Brew Time: 2:45 min

Recipe: 25g of coffee / 400g of water

Recommended Coffee: Brewtal AwakeningMorning ReaperSmooth FinishLow Voltage Decaf.


1.) Grind your coffee and heat your water.

2.) Rinse the filter in the brewer well with water and discard water.

3.) Place the carafe on your scale, and the brewer on the carafe. Add 25g of ground coffee to the filter.

4.) Start your timer and slowly pour in 60g of water (198-202F), let coffee bloom for 30 seconds.

5.) Stir and slowly pour an additional 150g of water in a circular motion, waiting 20 seconds after pouring.

6.) Finally, slowly add the remaining 190g of water in a circular motion and let the coffee filter through.


Makes: 1L

Grind: Coarse

Active Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: >24 hours

Recommended Coffee: Covert Op Cold Brew

What you’ll need:

1 cup of Covert Op Cold Brew

4 Cups of filtered cold water

1L Mason Jar, Growler or Bottle of choice

3-4 of cheese cloth or 1-2 coffee filters


1.) Add the 1 cup of course ground Covert Op Cold Brew Coffee to the mason jar/bottle and fill the jar with 4 Cups of filtered cold water until full.

2.) Close the lid and turn the jar over a few times to mix. Place the jar in the fridge for 12-24 hours (After 12 hours give the jar/bottle a little shake to mix up the grounds).

3.) Once brewing is complete, place 3-4 layers of cheesecloth or 1-2 coffee filters on top of the mason jar/bottle secured with an elastic band. Pour through the cheesecloth/coffee filter into another mason jar or glass of choice.

4.) Dilute with ice, water or milk to taste or add to your favorite drink. Store in the fridge for up to a week.


Makes: 1 Cup

Grind: Fine

Brew Time: 2 min

Recipe: 2 tbsp of coffee / 6 oz of water

Recommended Coffee: Pitch Black Espresso


1.) Place the filter in the cap of the Aeropress and give it quick rinse to remove any paper taste from your coffee.

2.) With the filter in the cap, twist the cap into place on the end of the brewer and place over your mug.

3.) Add 2 tbsp of finely ground coffee to the chamber, and pour water (198-202F) over the coffee until the chamber is half full and stir.

4.) Fill chamber with water (198-202F) until full.

5.) Place the rubber stopper just inside the barrel of the Aeropress, above the level of your coffee and water. This will create an airtight seal and keep the coffee from dripping through the filter into the cup before we want it to. Wait 1 minute.

6.) Place the Aeropress over a coffee mug and press the plunger down to filter your coffee.


Makes: 2-3 cups

Grind: Medium

Brew Time: 5 min

Recipe: 30g of coffee / 500g of water

Recommended Coffee: Brewtal AwakeningMorning ReaperSmooth FinishLow Voltage Decaf.


1.) Add 30g of ground coffee to the press and heat your water.

2.) Soak grounds with water (198-202F) and let bloom for 30 seconds.

3.) Add water (198-202F) until press is full.

4.) Stir good and let steep for 5 minutes.

5.) Push the plunger down slowly and then pour into a mug.


Makes: 4 Cups

Grind: Medium to Medium-Coarse

Brew Time: 4-5 minutes

Recipe: 42g of coffee / 700g water

Recommended Coffee: Brewtal AwakeningMorning ReaperSmooth FinishLow Voltage Decaf.


1.) Fold filter according to package directions, place into Chemex (thick side on the spout) and rinse with hot water, once warm, dump out the water.

2.) Add 42g of ground coffee to the Chemex, place on scale and tare (clear) scale.

3.) Pour 150g of hot water (198-202F) in a slow circular motion until grinds are wet and let bloom.

4.) Wait 30 seconds then stir.

5.) Next, pour water slowly in a circular motion until you reach 250g of water.

6.) Wait until the water level drops by ½-inch, then add in remaining 300g of water. Totaling to 700g.

7.) Wait for it to finish filtering, and then throw away filter.