Cop’s Shot Innocent Man 16 Times While In Bed

December 28, 2014 in News, Video by RBN Staff

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Published on Aug 30, 2013

Dustin Theoharis was shot 16 times during a police raid in Auburn will be paid $3 million under a settlement reached Thursday. The case involves a February 2012 incident where 28-year-old Dustin Theoharis was shot 16 times while in bed. Theoharis had not committed a crime– a team of King County deputies and a state corrections officer entered his room to search for weapons after arresting someone else at the Auburn home where he lived.

Two officers — corrections officer Kris Rongen and Deputy Aaron Thompson — fired nearly 20 times after entering Theoharis’ room, hitting him 16 times. Miraculously, he survived, but was left with a shattered jaw and shoulder, a fractured spine, and damage to his limbs and organs.

The officers said they fired because they believed Theoharis was reaching for a firearm. Theoharis did not have any firearms. He may have been reaching for a flashlight, investigators later determined.

Both the King County Sheriff’s Office and the Washington State Department of Corrections later ruled that the shooting was justified. But Sheriff John Urquhart has acknowledged that the police operation in which Theoharis was wounded was poorly planned and supervised.