COVID Natural Remedies Banned as DOJ Silences Doctors Promoting Vitamins and Minerals

April 27, 2021 in News by RBN Staff

source:  needtoknownews

Vitamins, Pixabay
Donald Trump signed the ‘COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act’ last December that makes it illegal for anyone to promote non-pharmaceutical products as treatments for COVID-19. The law threatens doctors with $10,000 fines for each violation if they tell you the science about how vitamins and minerals can help with COVID. The Department of Justice is pursuing a case against a Missouri chiropractor for “deceptive marketing” of COVID treatments after he publicly stated that a vitamin-D and zinc supplement could prevent or effectively treat COVID—claims that are well-supported in the scientific literature. -GEG

When people in Europe started dying from fatal blood clots shortly after receiving experimental COVID injections last month (March, 2021), some countries began criminal investigations over the deaths, including Italy which launched a manslaughter investigation after several people died following the injections.

Here in the U.S., as of this week, the CDC is stating that they have received 3,486 reports of people dying following the experimental COVID injections.

So what is the U.S. Government’s response to all these deaths being reported? Are they investigating them to see if the pharmaceutical companies are acting criminally?

No, last week the Department of Justice announced that they were going to start enforcing a new bill signed into law back in December by then President Donald Trump, which makes it illegal for anyone to promote non-pharmaceutical products as treatments for COVID-19.

The law is called the “COVID-19 Consumer Protection Act.”

The name is mislabeled, however, as it does not protect consumers from dangerous products that can harm or kill them, such as the experimental COVID “vaccines,” but it protects the pharmaceutical industry instead, by eliminating free speech for non-pharmaceutical remedies for COVID-19.

This law really should be named the “COVID-19 Pharmaceutical Protection Act.”

And the first victim to suffer under this new law is a St. Louis chiropractor who was recommending Vitamin D and zinc supplements to his clients, and is now charged as a criminal.
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