Deceiving America: The News Stories the Media COVERED UP for Democrats

April 12, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:  patrioticviralnews

Old school newspaper workers used to laugh about two insider sayings. Daily newsprint either included “all the news that was fit to print” or “all the news that fits.” In both of those scenarios, hard-nosed reporters and editors worked tirelessly to uncover evidence and report facts that impacted everyday people’s lives.


As this video demonstrates, the establishment media now picks its preferred targets, and none of them are Democrats or aligned with the left-leaning party.


This insightful political report points out national news stories that should be widely reported on right now. When looking at horrific murders such as the Capitol Police officer run down by a crazed driver and the grocery story shooting that resulted in 10 killings, the dishonest media checks the political winds before investing in coverage.


One would anticipate the Capitol murder is highly newsworthy and deserves coverage. And when a madman walks into a supermarket and guns Americans down in cold blood, that too meets the newsworthy standard. Why doesn’t the fake news media give these fatal crimes coverage?


The answer goes to the heart of a strategy used by large and left-wing media outlets to suppress valuable information from the public. You see, the perpetrators charged in those two attacks were not conservatives. They are radicalized Muslims, and that element challenges the fake news narrative that conservatives are evil. If you want to know about items that are truly “fit to print,” but get covered up, watch this video.