Disneyland Brawl Shows Just How Far We’ve Fallen as a Society

July 9, 2019 in News, Video by RBN


Bystanders captured what is almost certainly a one-of-kind video — in all the wrongs ways — in the middle of a busy Disney property.

Reportedly having been shot at Disneyland in Anaheim, California, the video records nearly five minutes of disturbing, embarrassing behavior among at least four individuals, with one man being far and away the most aggressive.

Picking up in the middle of a heated argument, the film shows a man in red shouting and cursing in the face of a woman. The woman responds by spitting at the man, at which point he becomes violent, literally smacking the woman.

Another man appearing to accompany the woman then intervenes, resulting in the two men squaring off and beginning to trade blows.

If that weren’t enough, another woman, appearing unrelated to either side, begins to shout and finds herself attacked, eventually by each of the opposing men.

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Things take a turn for the worst when the two women begin to scuffle, knocking over the man in red’s mother.

WARNING: The video below features violence that viewers might find disturbing.

The man in red responds by absolutely pummeling one of the women who knocked down the older woman.

Eventually, bystanders respond and appear to choke out the man in red, which begins to defuse the situation.

Here are some takeaways from this disgusting bout that anyone watching the film should consider.

First, Disney security failed — and it failed in spectacular fashion. We reached out to Disney for comment, but as of publication the company has not responded.

These people were able to fight, wholly unrestrained by Disney security for over four minutes, and in the process two women were brutalized and an additional elderly woman ended up on the ground.

Even at the end of the film, it doesn’t appear that Disney personnel had done anything substantive to stop the conflict, though two men in suits with earpieces did take in part of the fight while an additional two older men appearing to be with security milled around accomplishing very little.

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What stopped the conflict was bystanders getting involved and putting a stop to the man in red’s rampage, and that took the judicious use of force.

Second, and related to the first takeaway above, no matter how innocent, clean or well-reputed the area, violence can break out, and the ones who can put a stop to it soonest are almost always bystanders, not security or law enforcement.

That being the case, individuals should be ready to protect themselves and their loved ones in situations where they are on their own and bad things happen.

Third, and most importantly, it’s hard to watch this clip and not feel depressed (if you’re a hopeless optimist) or sick to your stomach (if you’re anyone else) about the state of our culture.

It makes sense, though, doesn’t it? American culture began to boot our founding values in the early 1900s, flirting with socialism, communism, atheism, postmodernism and the other -isms that accompany leftist thought. By the 1960s, God and traditional Judeo-Christian values were under attack in the public square.

When a culture built on fierce freedom and individualism like America’s openly rejects traditional values of moderation, selflessness, self-control, self-respect and respect for the divine, these sorts of outcomes are unavoidable.

If American society is to find its way back to decency, self-control and self-respect, it will have to find the values it’s left behind.

Details and background for this story are still emerging, and this story is subject to updates as new information emerges.