EPI TOWN CRIER: “PSYOP – THE STEAL” Breakdown & Discussion

March 11, 2021 in Columnists, News, RBN Updates, Video by RBN Staff




By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Welcome to another EPI Town Crier Presentation. Once again I sit down with friend and patriot John Stadtmiller of The National Intel Report on RBN. As usual our discussions are fast paced but pretty in-depth on several vital topics. So let’s have at it …

Today’s EPI presentation will center on PSYOP – THE STEAL – An Investigative Report by Millie Weaver.

Let’s start with … Had the Capitol Breach not occurred, America would be a totally different country today.

And the Elite and their senior liberal puppets knew this, and pulled out all the stops …

This so-called Capital Breach was pre-planned, incorporating a series of events set in motion with critical timing, for the stated reason of preventing then President Trump from ever getting re-elected. And this succeeded.

But you can’t always effectively hide frantic panic moves intended to cover massive issues that were never supposed to be visible.

You also can’t cover sloppy grandstanding by those intended to play the lead for the very issues in contention … the bought and paid for front line puppets. There are Napoleon wanna-beees everywhere and they are as loyal as the $$$ offered, just not always very smart (Ali Akbar (Alexander)) !!!

… and just how stupid must you be to use social media, or publicly available chat programs to plan, construct, and organize actual components of a COUP … while accusing Trump and his supporters of … planning a coup ??? Once again proving the need to always believe the opposite of liberal propaganda …

Illegally taking down a duly elected President, is by definition … TREASON

No that is not oversimplifying, nor is it in any way an exaggeration of facts or intent.

Listen to my latest discussion with John as we cover these and other vital points effecting all our lives today … guaranteed NOT to bore !!!


  • Target Zones (Capital)

  • Take over Government buildings

  • Transition Integrity Project

  • Predictive Program Models

  • Secure a Biden win (Securing Democracy)

  • Same predictive Model used to Role Play out and refine the Capital Breach

  • Election Simulation: TIMELINE TO MELTDOWN

  • etc…, etc…, etc…


The National Intel Report with John Stadtmiller

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Click here for Hour #2 (call-in questions)


The video provided below is a must watch! Millie Weaver has done an outstanding presentation and deserves some serious accolades!

[RBN Note Original video available here:
and also (click here) ON ITS OWN PAGE.] 



And to bring this narrative to a crescendo of tyranny, please click on the image below to see another earth shattering video of absolute proof ignored and downplayed by those who pretend to represent us …

Absolute Proof – Mike Lindell Election Documentary

Video in article below (click on image to open)


As I continue to state … Today the USA, and so by default We The People (Deplorables) stand on the precipice of a totally new ‘America’ … one we may not wish to participate in … one we must stop from being realized, or explain to our children why we failed them so miserably …


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