Epic Vaccine Debate Between Robert Kennedy Jr and Attorney Alan Dershowitz

August 3, 2020 in News, Video by RBN Staff


Source: Need To Know | Valuetainment


Attorney Dershowitz contends that, if there were a safe and effective measure that could significantly reduce the contagious impact of a deadly disease, the Supreme Court would rule that government has the constitutional power to compel vaccinations on its citizens, including children. Robert Kennedy, Jr., agrees that the argument is correct but that the condition of the argument required by the word IF is absent. In other words, vaccines are far from either safe or effective, so the argument has no legal or ethical merit. Kennedy dominates the debate with shocking facts about the lack of vaccine safety. It’s a long debate but well worth taking notes. -GEG



Summary by JW Williams

RFK focuses on vaccine safety and effectiveness and shows many facets of corruption in the vaccine industry. Almost 50% of Americans who were polled said they may not take a vaccine for COVID-19, and 27% are firm in their refusal. He describes vaccines as a medical intervention given to perfectly healthy people to prevent someone else from getting sick. It is the only medicine that is given to healthy people.

A study by the Agency for Healthcare Research Quality found that the actual rate of vaccine injury is 2.6%, which means that 1 in 40 people is seriously injured from vaccines. This is huge! US Health and Human Services admits that fewer than 1% of people who are injured by vaccines even get to court, yet $4-billion has been paid out so far by vaccine court for vaccine injuries. Vaccine safety is a myth.

Congress awarded vaccine manufacturers blanket immunity from liability since 1986, when pharmaceutical companies threatened to stop making vaccines because they are “unavoidably unsafe”. No matter how negligent the company is, no matter how toxic the ingredients, the companies are still not liable and cannot be sued.

Children today are subject to 72 doses of 16 vaccines in order to stay in school.

RFK described a 2000 study by Johns Hopkins on infectious diseases, including those that had no vaccine available. The study concluded that the decline in deaths from infectious disease during the first half of the 20th century had nothing to do with vaccines, but was attributable to improved sanitation, nutrition, hygiene, electric refrigerators, reduction in population densities, and clean water.

Vaccines are the only medical product that does not have to be safety tested against a placebo, because vaccines were said to be necessary against biological warfare. Without a test against a placebo, it is unknown if a vaccine is causing more harm than good. Many vaccines are only safety tested for a few days. Any injury or long-term health effects after that are ignored.

The Moderna vaccine, which is the leading COVID-19 vaccine candidate, skipped animal testing and jumped ahead to human testing. It was admitted that four out of 45 volunteers (9%) suffered immediate adverse reactions, and there is no information on long-term reactions. Nevertheless, two-billion doses of the vaccine have been ordered. Kennedy said that Dr. Anthony Fauci is on the patent and will receive royalties from it.

All four companies that manufacture vaccines for the US, Glaxo, Sinofi, Pfizer, and Merck, are convicted felons who have been fined $35-billion over the past 10 years in criminal penalties for illegal and unethical activities. Yet, we are expected to trust them now with our lives.

The COVID-19 vaccine could kill many people who have co-morbities. RFK says 54% of Americans have diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, and other chronic disease, in addition to being overweight, which means that even the common cold could be fatal to them.

RFK says the Cochrane Collaboration, that reviews clinical trials and studies, reported that a person would have to have 100 flu vaccines in order to prevent one case of flu, there is zero evidence that the flu shot prevents any hospitalizations or deaths, and the flu vaccine actually increases the spread of the flu.

Flu shots injure the immune system and make recipients over four times more likely to develop an illness that is similar to the flu due to ‘pathogenic priming’.

The Oxford vaccine was tested on monkeys that were exposed to the wild coronavirus and they became ill, indicating that the vaccine doesn’t work. Two-million doses of it have been ordered anyway.