Epstein’s Black Book and Flight Manifests for the Lolita Express

July 22, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


VISIT: https://epsteinsblackbook.com/

… for the full list of the contents of Epstein’s black book, flight manifests / passenger lists and more, as released by Anonymous near Memorial Day of this year.

About Epstein’s Black Book

This site presents the data found in Epstein’s Little Black Book. The data is extracted automatically using optical character recognition (OCR). The text itself and the names extracted are not completely accurate, but still accurate enough to be useful.

For inquiries, please send an email to info@epsteinsblackbook.com


Structured Data

Structured data is currently available as comma separated values (CSV), which can be loaded as a spreadsheet.

This data can also be searched through in the web browser or spreadsheet software with Ctrl+F.

[Below you will find pdf files for the actual photocopies of the black book.]

PDF Downloads

The “little black book” as well as the flight manifests for Epstein’s private jet can be downloaded here.

Black Book Redacted
[File hosted on RBN server: Epstein-black-book-redacted]
Flight Manifests
[File hosted on RBN server: Epstein-flight-manifests]