George Floyd Trial Update: Prosecutor’s Case Falls Apart

April 12, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:  patrioticviralnews

George Floyd’s drug dealer, who was in the car during his death, refuses to testify and investigators found Floyd’s half-chewed pills on the floor of the squad car 6 months after the incident.

You heard that correctly.

He doesn’t want to testify because he’s afraid he will incriminate himself. Without immunity, the drug dealer could be charged for Floyd’s death since he supplied him with the drugs that contributed to his untimely death.

Plus, evidence of Floyd’s drug use is causing the prosecutor’s case to fall apart. It’s no longer just about a knee on a neck, but includes a larger narrative the mainstream media continues to ignore.

Ben Shapiro discusses the importance of causation in the George Floyd case. As a lawyer, he recognizes the case is not just about the one viral video, but the chain of events leading to Floyd’s death. When you include drug use and a drug dealer, the story begins to change and left’s narrative falls apart.

At a minimum, Floyd was not the hero the media has sought to make him. Second, a person under the influence may have other factors influencing his death than an officer’s knee. That doesn’t end the case, but it does begin to cause reasonable doubt.

We still live in a nation where a person is innocent until proven guilty. Proving Officer Chauvin’s guilt is becoming more difficult than originally thought, primarily due to evidence mainstream media either ignores or downplays to fit their agenda.

That’s why you have to watch Shapiro’s video to get the facts. They’re not coming from the lefty news, so check it out and decide for yourself.