April 3, 2016 in News by D

By Kelleigh Nelson

“Power attracts the corruptible. Absolute power attracts the absolutely corruptible.” —Frank Herbert

“Among a people generally corrupt, liberty cannot long exist.” —Edmund Burke

The American electorate has been voting for the wrong people for so long, and now we’re being screwed out of the candidate we really want by those same people.

Those people, and I’m talking about the GOP establishment (GOPe) are not loyal to the American people, to the Constitution, or to their oaths of office. Their only loyalty lies with the globalist New World Order elitists. I’ll tell you something else too, they have absolutely no fear of we the people, they think you’re stupid and that they can steal the election, install their puppet globalist and you’ll do nothing about it. They are now in the process of stealing the delegates of the top candidate, Donald J. Trump, as well as the second place candidate, Rafael Theodore Cruz.

In the State of Tennessee

Darren Morris, state director of Trump’s campaign in Tennessee, told The Tennessean the Trump campaign, and Tennessee Republican Party chairman Ryan Haynes, had agreed Wednesday, March 30th, on the names of seven of the 14 at-large delegates that, under party rules, are to be appointed by the state party. Delegates will ultimately decide the party’s nominee at the Republican National Convention this summer.

But Morris said that an updated delegate list he reviewed late this week is now wiped clean of several of those names and instead features individuals who he described as strongly “anti-Trump.” “A few of those names are still on there,” Morris said. “Most of them are not. In fact, I’ve been told a few of them are very much anti-Trump and they’re there to do the bidding of the RNC.”

Morris said two of the pro-Trump at-large delegates supported by the campaign, but now taken off the list, are Republican state Sen. Bill Ketron, R-Murfreesboro, and Mark Winslow, former chief of staff of the Tennessee Republican Party. Both men were delegate candidates in the March 1 primary. Morris said Ketron is now slated to be an alternate delegate and that Winslow is no longer even on the list.

“We had agreed on (Winslow) to be one of our seven delegates,” he said. “I was told today he had been moved to the alternate list. Now, I’m told he’s not even on the list.”

“They’re picking anti-Trump people,” Morris said. “They’re picking establishment picks who don’t support Donald Trump, and it’s just the same effort that they’re conducting all over the country to steal a vote here, steal a delegate there, to affect the outcome of the convention in July and take the nomination away from Donald Trump. The party chair is a puppet. He is doing the bidding of the GOP establishment to take the nomination away from Donald Trump.”

They said they’re worried the state Republican party wanted to appoint delegates who may not vote for Trump in later ballots at the convention if Trump doesn’t win the 1,237 delegates needed to clench the Republican nomination outright.

Trump Won Tennessee’s Primary

Trump won Tennessee’s primary with 39 percent of the vote. Because candidates needed to meet a 20 percent threshold to earn delegates, the Tennessee Republican Party announced last month that 33 of the 58 delegates (57 percent) are to go to Trump, 16 to Ted Cruz and nine to Marco Rubio.

On Saturday, April 2nd, Trump’s backers flocked to the party’s executive committee meeting in Nashville, doubling down on allegations that officials are trying to stack Tennessee’s delegation with members likely to vote for another candidate if given the chance.

A handful of Trump/Cruz operatives were allowed in. Trump supporters left outside the room were reportedly banging on windows to attract the attention of those inside.

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Cat Hughes reportedwhat happened in Nashville where the GOP was holding this meeting to appoint the remaining delegates.

“The meeting was to take place for one hour – it lasted over three hours. They announced a rule change at the last minute and wouldn’t allow the maybe two dozen who’d shown up to support Trump into the meeting. Alternate delegates were also kept out by this decision. It was said it was due to fire marshal regulations, but once people left they still weren’t allowing people to enter. There weren’t any Cruz supporters there – only Trump’s. Trump had won 94 of the 95 districts here in TN.

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