Graphic video of cops fatally shooting unarmed teen released by Fresno police

July 14, 2016 in News by RBN Staff


Source: RT

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Bodycam video of Fresno police fatally firing on 19-year-old Dylan Noble has been released by Police Chief Jerry Dyer, who called a press conference to clear the air around his officers’ actions.

Chief Jerry Dyer released the graphic video on Wednesday, detailing the events surrounding the death of unarmed teen Dylan Noble on June 25. The release comes amid heightened tensions between police and civilians, along with an excessive force lawsuit from Noble’s family.

Tensions are high,” Dyer said in the press conference. “In some cases we are one spark away from a forest fire. And I pray this video doesn’t serve as that spark … This is not a time to become violent.”

Noble’s encounter with the officers began when they pulled him over at a gas station while searching for a man with a rifle, the Associated Press reported. Police officers instructed Noble to put his hands out the window. The video shows Noble first puts his left hand out, but conceals his right, leading to the officers shouting, “both your hands!

Noble then stepped out of his truck and began walking away from the officers with his hands in the air, but then turned and moved towards them with his left hand raised and his right hand behind his back. Officers instructed the teenager to get on the ground and, “Drop whatever you have in your hand!

As Noble continues to approach the officers with his right hand behind his back, an officer tells him, “You’re going to get shot, man.

Shots then quickly ring out, and Noble falls to the ground where he continues reaching under his shirt. Officers fire three more shots at him, leaving him dead.

Noble was found to be holding a small plastic box.

Stuart Chandler, the attorney for Noble’s mother, Veronica Nelson, claims that the police used excessive force when handling the teenager. In addition, Dyer was expected to release the footage the Friday before.

We are pleased to discover from the media that Chief Dyer is belatedly providing the body camera footage to the general public,” Chandler told the AP.

Dyer defended his choice to release the video on Wednesday, citing the deaths of Dallas police officers the night before.

The amount of money that Noble’s family seeks from the city of Fresno remains unknown. However, Dyer has requested the FBI handle the investigation of the shooting.