Graphic Video Shows What Happens When Citizens Don’t Have Guns and the Gov’t Does

November 20, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Conservative Tribune | BY BEN MARQUIS

Now that the Democratic Party has regained control of the House of Representatives in the midterm elections, those Democrats who desire restrictive gun control laws that infringe upon the Second Amendment have become emboldened to press their anti-gun agenda to the fullest.

Case in point was a flippant remark on social media by anti-gun crusader and Democratic California Rep. Eric Swalwell. He intimated that the U.S. government would use nuclear weapons to quell rebellious American citizens that refused to comply with a proposed mandatory “buy-back” scheme that would outlaw civilian possession of nearly all modern semi-automatic firearms.

While Swalwell was likely only using horrifically overly-embellished rhetoric to make his point that civilian resistance to federal gun control could be futile, implicit in his threat was that the government — via the military and police — would use deadly violent force against U.S. citizens to keep them in line, the exact sort of thing the Second Amendment was intended to guard against.

But that sort of threatened potential action is a ghastly reality for some people in other nations, such as the Caribbean island nation of Haiti, where the population has risen up in protest against a corrupt government and those largely unarmed protesters are being put down violently by armed police officers and military troops.

Warning: The video clip in this tweet contains graphic content. Reader discretion is advised. 

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That shocking video clip was in turn shared by retired Army colonel and fiery conservative pundit Kurt Schlicter, who tweeted, “This is what @RepSwalwell wants. Except with nukes.”

Local Haitian media outlet Prince George Citizen reported that, as per reports from police, at least six people were killed and another five wounded in clashes between government forces and massed protesters, very few of whom are armed.

The violence stemmed from demonstrations by protesters against a corrupt government that is accused of embezzling billions of dollars due to the country from a special program with Venezuela which provided subsidized oil and was known as the PetroCaribe program.

Protesters have blocked off streets and clashed with police as they demand investigations and prosecutions against corrupt government officials alleged to have embezzled some $3.8 billion from the program, money that obviously wasn’t reaching the average Haitian citizen or going toward improving their impoverished nation.

The Miami Herald reported that the protests even prevented Haitian President Jovenal Moises from making the traditional trip to the northern city of Cap-Haitian for the 215th anniversary of Haiti’s independence from France, as officials feared for his safety because the protesters have demanded the new president be held accountable for the corruption.

The violent clashes in the streets also came amid reports from human rights groups that shootouts between government forces and corrupt cops against small armed gangs had resulted in dozens of civilians being massacred in the slums of Port-au-Prince

Yet, the overwhelming majority of Haitian people standing up in defiance of their government are largely doing so unarmed, as gun control laws in the Caribbean nation have been categorized as “restrictive” by the international GunPolicy organization.

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Indeed, it has been estimated that there are fewer than 300,000 firearms total among the civilian population of Haiti, with roughly 270,000 of those firearms deemed “illicit” as little more than 20,000 civilian firearms are properly registered with the government. That means the vast majority of firearms held in civilian hands in Haiti — a few of which have been used against government forces — are possessed by criminal gangs and cartels.

While the right to private gun ownership is nominally included in Haiti’s constitution, it is a conditional right granted by the government that is heavily regulated and only licensed civilians are allowed to possess or purchase firearms of any kind.

That sort of heavy-handed regulation that all but eliminates legal gun ownership for the bulk of the civilian population is exactly the sort of thing that Swalwell and his progressive ilk dream about, but the scenes of government forces firing on largely unarmed civilians to enforce order is likewise the sort of thing otherwise law-abiding American gun owners have nightmares about.

Governments have historically used violence to put down rebellions and force compliance on unwilling populations, and it is fool-hardy to think that sort of thing couldn’t eventually happen here in America, if anti-gun Democrats had their way.

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