Happening Now: GOP Traitors Sneaking Through Radical Border Plan to Let Anyone Into the Country!

September 2, 2018 in News by RBN

~ Foreword ~
The RINO’s are hell bent to destroy any and all preventative projects that are intended to DEFEND and PROTECT America from foreign invaders – ILLEGALS.

With the full assistance of the DIMS the RINO’s are doing what they intended to do all along – ELIMINATE all obstacles to the CHEAP labor pool and to use American taxes to entice the ILLEGALS to sign up for every tax funded benefit they can dream up (The DREAMERS are RINO’s in disguise). Corporate employers love the ILLEGALS and do all they can to ensure they aren’t held back by things like WALLS, FENCES, identification, LAWS, or anything that might hinder their invasions. Every single entity – corporate, corporate officers, or individual – that employs ANY ILLEGALS, should be hit with ten years in prison for EACH offense and fines of $50,000.00 for each ILLEGAL found in their employ. We have to hit their pocketbooks to get their attention and hit it HARD! ~ Jacki Juntti  (idzrus@earthlink.net)

If Barack Obama was good at anything, he was exceptional at using loopholes and technicalities to push his agenda through. When Congress refused to pass his immigration bill, he put the program into effect by executive order… because he could.

When Congress refused to make it easier for illegal aliens to enter the United States legally, Obama took it upon himself to redefine the asylum qualifications.

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Throughout our history, we have welcomed real asylum seekers fleeing communism, totalitarianism, and natural disaster. In order for an asylum claim to be granted, the applicant had to prove they were being individually targeted for their religious or political opinions, or fleeing a natural or manmade disaster. The bar was set deliberately high because there is never a shortage of people around the world yearning to breathe free.

The Obama administration, however, bastardized this program. They loosened the rules to allow asylum claims on the basis of “domestic abuse” and “gang violence.”

Like clockwork, the number of illegal aliens showing up at the border and claiming to be victims of spousal abuse skyrocketed. The same for “victims” of gang violence. Migrants began making up these claims and liberal organizations began setting up in Mexico to teach migrants how to lie to border patrol agents.

Instead of prioritizing asylum applications from Christians fleeing persecution in the Middle East, Obama opened up the floodgates for asylum fraud from Central and South America.

When Trump took office, all of this changed. For all of his faults, Attorney General Jeff Sessions immediately went to work rolling back these Obama-era directives. No longer are migrants allowed to win asylum simply because they lived in an inner city with gangs in their neighborhood. Migrants can no longer get asylum simply by claiming that their spouse beat them back in their home country.