December 17, 2021 in News by RBN Staff


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Source: Washington Examiner

Hillary is by no means out of the woods yet and special prosecutor  John Durham just doubled down.

Earlier this year, Durham indicted Clinton campaign attorney Michael Sussman for lying during a meeting between him and former FBI General Counsel James Baker on September 19, 2016. Sussman has been accused of using fake evidence to mislead the FBI into believing there was a secret back channel between Russian banks and the Trump organization.

Sussman claims that he was not working for any entity and met with Baker on his own accord however, Durham has 91,000 pages of documents to counter Sussman’s claim.

Lawyers representing Sussman said Durham’s evidence “directly contradict the Special Counsel’s allegation that Mr. Sussmann affirmatively told Mr. Baker that he was not meeting with him on behalf of any clients.”

Durham fired back in a court filing:

“As the defendant is aware from discovery, both of those interviews occurred years after the events in question, and Mr. Baker made these statements before he had the opportunity to refresh his recollection with contemporaneous or near-contemporaneous notes that have been provided to the defense in discovery.”

“Indeed, the defendant’s motion entirely ignores law enforcement reports of Mr. Baker’s subsequent three interviews with the Special Counsel’s Office in which he affirmed and then re-affirmed his now-clear recollection of the defendant’s false statement.”

Sussman’s lawyers are now trying to rush a trial date for May of 2022 however, Durham is asking for the date to be set for July because he handed over more than 91,000 pages of declassified evidence and more than 5,000 pages of discovery that are about to be declassified:

The prosecutors noted they had handed over more than 91,000 pages in unclassified discovery and more than 5,000 pages in classified discovery to the defense team and insisted that the team was still “working expeditiously to satisfy its discovery obligations.”

Hillary is not out of the woods yet and it would not be surprising if Sussman takes a plea.

Washington Examiner