House Speaker Nancy Pelosi Appears to Threaten To End Civilization As We Know It

December 9, 2019 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike for RBN


Nancy Pelosi is the Speaker of the US House of Representatives; second in line to the President. If President Trump dies and Vice-President Pence dies shortly afterward, she becomes the President of the United States, the putative “most powerful person in the world.”

Well, when we consider that possibility, we ought be rather disgusted, again, still, some more, with California, and also pretty scared of her latest threat against civilization.   She said that “civilization as we know it today is at stake”* if President Trump wins re-election.   That’s a hell of a threat against civilization. What does she have in mind? Many liberals are already pretty darn lacking in civility.

You know that if Newt Gingrich had said such a thing less than a year before President Clinton stood for re-election, he would have been accused of threatening all civilization.   Wouldn’t he? Well, many of the fools in the so-called press would have at least lambasted him as engaging in the greatest hyperbole the world had ever known, and language that was certainly unbecoming of the Speaker of the House.

So, I was listening to the press to hear their critique of Pelosi and, well…crickets.

We can all be forgiven for dismissing the press when they practice such hypocrisy, if by omission, possibly the greatest hypocrisy the world has ever known.

Thank you for reading this,

Je suis Spike


  • That is a quote from, I kid you not.   It seems they don’t teach grammar, or require proficiency in it, in whatever passes for the skool of jurnilism, these days, and/or has no competent editors.  With notation pointing out an error, here is the whole sentence: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said that “civilization as we know it today is at stake” in the 2020 presidential election, saying that she does not want to “contemplate” the possibility that President Donald Trump could be elected to serve as [sic] second term in office.