Israel in Incremental Tyranny

April 10, 2017 in News by RBN

Israel in Incremental Tyranny
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by Stephen Lendman
Two former Israeli Security Agency Shin Bet heads warned about the country’s deplorable state, London’s Guardian reported.
Ami Ayalon and Carmi Gillon commented ahead of a public meeting hosted by Breaking the Silence members.
It’s comprised of former IDF soldiers, committed to exposing harsh reality in Occupied Palestine, state-sponsored viciousness Israeli officials want suppressed.
Ayalon said Israel’s political system faces “incremental tyranny,” calling it fantasy democracy, not the real thing.
This is the reality in Israel, he stressed. “The tragedy…is that you only (understand) when it is too late.” Long-suffering Palestinians and Israeli Arab citizens need no explanation, their fundamental rights denied.
Ayalon cited recent Netanyahu actions against independent media, the Supreme Court, and banning critics of government policies from events in schools and elsewhere.
Israel’s extremist culture minister Miri Regev may close the Babur gallery for holding an event with Breaking the Silence members, wanting their justifiable criticism suppressed.
Gillon accused Netanyahu and likeminded regime extremist of heading “the occupation towards disaster,” adding:
This country was established on the values of liberal democracy, values written in the only kind of constitution we have – which is our declaration of independence – values we don’t fulfill any more.”
“You can analyze what happened to us in the last 50 years, but everything is under the shade of occupation. It has changed (our) society. It has made us an unpleasant society.”
June marks 50 years of illegal occupation, Palestinians brutalized under militarized rule.
“I am here,” said Gillon, “because I think that Breaking the Silence and groups like it are completely legitimate organizations.” 
“Sometimes I don’t like what they say, but the mission they took on themselves, through interviews with soldiers, should give a better understanding (about) what it means to occupy another people.”
Ayalon added “(t)hey do what they do because they understand it is their moral duty. They are soldiers who serve and like every gatekeeper they hold up a mirror image of the Israeli reality in the occupied territories.” 
“What they see is very ugly. So we hate the mirror and blame the mirror and don’t hear what they say.”
Vicious persecution of Palestinians facilitates “incremental tyranny. It is like 1984. There is always an enemy” – for Israel, America and their rogue allies.
One day things will change, most likely making a deplorable situation worse, not better.
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