It Suddenly Dawned on Me How To Deliver Really Bad News

March 28, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

By Bill Sardi

I’m not sure I know how to break this news.

At least not for a death this big.

Oh, some big people have died in my lifetime.  But we’re not talking about a death with the magnitude of the passing of The King (Elvis Presley), or the death of Old Blue Eyes (Frank Sinatra), or Billy Graham, the man who led many millions of Americans to the altar.  This is much, much bigger.

No, it’s a part of us that has died and awaits burial.  I’m sorry, while we are all distracted with fear of the coronavirus, something much larger just passed from life to death.  Nobody else will tell you.  Certainly not the commentators on MSNBC, or CNN, or FOX NEWS.  They are part of the propaganda and distraction and entertainment machine that has kept Americans in the dark as the nation crept closer to a cliff without a parachute.  The idea was to give American consumers the false notion everything is OK. This is America, the greatest country in the world.

The corona virus is a planned distraction.  There will be no resurrection.  No writing a book about an after-death experience.

We were all part of its passing.  Every time we used a credit card, signed mortgage papers, got an auto loan, we were stealing from its future.  Till we were living a certain lifestyle off our future income to a point where we just couldn’t possibly keep it alive any longer, couldn’t ever possibly make enough money to pay on what we owed in our lifetime.

And the banksters were more than happy to extend us credit whether we could pay our bills down or not because they sold off those loans to somebody else, and some of the bad loans were peddled off on a rich uncle named Sam.

I’m talking about America.  The red, white and blue.

Today it is just “in the red, and it is very blue, and it’s waving a white flag.”

It dawned on me, suddenly, if the school teachers and their kids aren’t going to back to school till September.  If senior Americans have been so frightened of a deadly virus that is transmitted by handshakes and coughing, will they ever go back to church?  If the air travel industry is the conveyor of this historical plague, how will it ever get back into business?