Joe Biden’s Most Outrageous Lies Yet Show He Must be Terrified About Florida

October 31, 2020 in News by RBN Staff

By Conservatives Journal

Florida is one of the most hotly contested states in this election. Its 29 Electoral College votes are critical for both Joe Biden and President Trump. Early voting in the state shows Republicans in a good position to eclipse the president’s 2016 performance in the state. This is amid a sustained increase in approval among Hispanic voters for Trump.

Rasmussen reports that among likely non-white voters, but excluding black voters, there is a significant uptick in President Trump’s support. While this is not specifically the Hispanic vote, these voters make up a large share of this polling group.

The president won 28% percent of the Hispanic vote in 2016. This week, when Rasmussen asked non-white voters, excluding black voters, who they would select if the presidential election were held today, between 43% and 47% selected President Trump. Job approval among the same voters has been between 52% and 55% all week.

Obviously, there is a large, diverse Hispanic population in Florida, and there have been polls indicating Trump is leading with this constituency in the state. The Biden campaign is clearly aware of the numbers, and their internal polling must agree. Biden spent Thursday in the Sunshine State and told some unforgivable lies to try and sway the Hispanic community. Specifically, Cuban and Venezuelan Americans.