“Last minute deals!” The spy state’s crown jewel

November 19, 2017 in News by Ken

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“Last minute deals!”

You’re likely hearing a lot about those these days with Thanksgiving right around the corner and retailers looking to cash in on the holiday season.

But John, GOP leaders are looking for a last-minute deal as well — to extend (perhaps PERMANENTLY!) — what’s been called the Deep State’s “crown jewel.”

With Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) set to expire on December 31, both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-WI) are betting the American people will be too busy celebrating the holidays with friends and family to bother paying attention to what’s happening in Congress.

It’s up to you and me to prove them WRONG, WRONG, WRONG.

That’s why I’m counting on you to please sign your “NO DEALS!” petition IMMEDIATELY.

As you’ll see, these petitions insist that your U.S. Representative and Senators vote “NO!” on any scheme to extend Section 702 of FISA.

Under Section 702, our federal government (unconstitutionally) grants itself the ability to wiretap (with a secret warrant) and collect information on innocent Americans.

Unlike the recent fight over NSA surveillance, this isn’t just “metadata” — like time and date stamps on phone calls.

This is the actual content of your emails, phone calls, and Internet chats!

While under Section 702, communications are required to include a foreign agent that’s “of interest” to the intelligence community, the Deep State has interpreted this power so broadly, it can include virtually any American!

In fact, the Director of National Intelligence has flatly REFUSED repeated requests by Congress to inform them of how many innocent Americans’ communications Big Brother is sweeping up!

They’ve also REFUSED to say whether or not they’ve swept up conversations involving Members of Congress.


Most likely it’s because if the American people knew the scale of the Deep State’s domestic spying programs, it would result in a full-scale revolution in the country!

The longer these criminal spying programs continue, the more emboldened the Deep State has become.

In fact, both the NSA and the Department of Justice have flat-out REFUSED multiple times to comply with the minimal protections demanded by FISA court orders (which is usually a rubber stamp for the Deep State).

And now, under supposed “reform” legislation before the U.S. House, the Deep State is demanding the ability to LIE to the FISA Court without penalty!

If you or I ever committed perjury in a federal courtroom, they’d lock us up and throw away the key!

The fact is, we cannot allow this to continue if our beloved country is to remain — in any sense — free.

Those who want to see freedom stamped out in this country know good and well many Americans are wising up to their schemes.

Sadly, the last-minute “holiday deals” I told you about have been a trick statists in Washington, D.C. have employed more and more in recent years.

You may remember their last-minute budget deal in late 2012 that sent taxes and spending soaring.

Even ObamaCare itself was rammed through the Senate on Christmas Eve!

Now, I’m worried we’re going to be in for the same kind of madness with FISA.

We have to stop it.

The good news is, with your help, I believe we can.

With Congress’ schedule currently taken up with taxes, the chances are getting better by the minute that we may actually be able to force expiration!

Some are even talking about only seeking a temporary extension into early next year.

While any extension is an unacceptable assault on our Fourth Amendment freedoms, it would give us more time to mobilize — at a time when the American people’s focus isn’t taken up with the holidays.

That’s why it’s so critical you sign your petition at once.

The more petitions I can generate, the more I can PROVE to Congress that the American people are still watching them like a hawk!

That alone will make a tremendous difference.

But Campaign for Liberty can’t afford to pull out all the stops to gather those petitions through mail, email, Internet ads, and more without an immediate influx of funds.

So won’t you please agree to make a generous contribution of $500, $250, or even $100 right away?