LMAO! Tea Party Groups, Persecuted By Obama’s IRS, Just Got A Whopping Settlement!

May 13, 2018 in News by D

Source: clashdaily.com

The dollar figure they were awarded sends a message that this was no trivial issue.

The government is NOT to be weaponized against its citizens.

But remember, Obama said that there were ‘boneheaded decisions’ but ‘not even a smidgeon of corruption’?

You know, I think we found the bonehead.

The judge awarded $3.5 Million in the lawsuit.

The 2013 lawsuit during the Barack Obama administration was over treatment of conservative groups who said they were singled out for extra IRS scrutiny on tax-exempt status applications.

“These are groups of law-abiding citizens who should have never had their First Amendment rights infringed upon by the IRS,” Jenny Beth Martin, president of the Tea Party Patriots umbrella group, said Wednesday. “These are groups that want the government to be accountable.”

The Justice Department declined comment.
Source: USNews

Declined comment? Imagine that! They were the ones who ‘looked into’ the issue before, but diddn’t prosecute anybody.

Republicans were outraged in 2013 when the IRS admitted the targeting, in part by zeroing in on groups with words such as “tea party” or “patriot” in their names. Many had their applications delayed for months and years. Some were asked improper questions about their donors and even their religious practices, an inspector general’s report found.

The Obama Justice Department announced in 2015 that no one at the IRS would be prosecuted. It said investigators found mismanagement, but no evidence that the tax agency had targeted a political group based on its viewpoints or had obstructed justice.
Source: USNews

That was Obama’s scandal-free government the news kept telling us about.

Why didn’t they prosecute anybody? ONE possible explanation could be found on Truman’s desk.