Members of Congress and Their Staffers Are EXEMPT From Joe Biden’s Tyrannical Federal Workers Vaccine Mandate

September 13, 2021 in News by RBN Staff


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On Thursday, President Joe Biden revealed his unconstitutional plan to mandate unvaccinated Americans to get vaccinated as a way of getting the country out of the COVID-19 pandemic while the delta variant continues to move across the United States. In an angry speech at the White House, Biden said that he was going to sign two executive orders (based on no powers given to him by Congress or the US Constitution) that would mandate all federal employees and federal contractors to take the jab.

A Twitter user asked “VERIFY” to confirm if it was true that the Congress is exempt from Biden’s unlawful vaccination mandate.

I just read that members of Congress and their staff are exempt from Biden’s vaccine mandate. Could you please verify this? @VerifyThis“ 


It turns out that Biden’s vaccine mandate for federal employees does not apply to members of Congress and their staff even though they are federal employees. The same goes for judges and their staffers.

President Biden signed two executive orders requiring vaccinations for all federal employees and millions of federal contractors on September 9. He attacked federal workers two days before the anniversary of 911. Great timing, Chief.

Biden said during his speech that it would apply only to federal workers in the Executive branch and only to contractors for the Executive branch. That means members of Congress, the Legislative branch and the Judicial branch are exempt.

A Congressional Institute spokesperson confirmed to VERIFY via an email that a president can not order a vaccine mandate on Congress through an executive order or via any department of agency regulation.

The same goes for the Judiciary.

A very simple explanation for that would be that the other two branches of government are separate and equal to the executive branch, so the president can’t mandate something to those other two branches. I say that is a load of bullschtein because if he can force anyone in the United states to get vaccinated, then he can do it to those people as well. They are American citizens no different from you and me. Just because they work in a different branch doesn’t give them a special pass. The truth of the matter is he can’t force anyone to get vaccinated. His entire mandate is unconstitutional. He doesn’t have the power to create laws, and his executive order is not based on any law created by Congress or the Constitution.

I believe the reason Biden is not going to impose it on the Legislative and Judicial branches is because they can harm his agenda. Think about it. The judges could rule it unconstitutional in a heartbeat so that they can avoid the mandate and that would throw the whole thing out. Members of Congress can write a law banning him from doing it, and if Biden vetoes it, the Congress can and would override his veto. I would like to see both things happen anyway, but since Democrats and the judiciary are so corrupt now, they won’t bother unless it personally affects them.

Biden doesn’t want any trouble from the Constitution or the other branches of government that will stop his totalitarian action, so he is appeasing those who can harm him.

On August 3, 20 House Representatives sent a letter to Dr. Brian Monahan, who serves as the Attending Physician of Congress, asking him order  a vaccine mandate for members of Congress and their staff or to mandate they get tested for COVID-19 at least twice a week. The Democrat-run Congress has their own brand of tyrants.

Dear Dr. Monahan,

We are extremely grateful for the expert guidance that you have provided to our institution throughout
the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite immense pushback and frustration from internal and external forces,
we appreciate that your office has been working tirelessly to follow the science and keep all Members
and Capitol Hill staff as safe as possible. We write to you today to express our belief that the U.S.
Congress should be considering a vaccine requirement for Members and staff of the U.S. Capitol
complex or, at minimum, twice per week testing for those who are unable to verify positive vaccination

On August 6, during her weekly bullschtein presser House speaker, Nancy Pelosi was asked by a reporter about the letter and if there was going to be a vaccination mandate on Congress. Pelosi said Congress has to follow the guidance of the Attending Physician.

“We are guided and have to be guided by the guidance of the Capitol Physician. He has made those contentions. And when weighing the equities takes us to a different place, I’m sure he will tell us,” Pelosi said.

If the guidance was to stand on your head while spitting out wooden nickels, does that mean Nancy Pelosi would comply?