Morgan Freeman, Lil’ Wayne, Denzel Washington & others on Racism. We could all learn from this.

March 5, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff


Jun 10, 2020

Swimming in the Deep

I could not find this video from the original source on YouTube so I uploaded it. Please share it everywhere and subscribe. Look, racism does exist but by many indications, including this video, society has gone backwards on the issue of race. Again, I acknowledge that racism exists but the question is SYSTEMIC racism. These people interviewed answered this way prior to 2020. Under today’s less than friendly environment to share opinions, likely they’d answer differently now because we have gone backwards on the issue or racism. Yes, a few events are largely to blame, and the media is to be blamed as well….you can see from this video that the media interviewers are now much more provoking these days than they were prior to 2020. It’s interesting to think that ridding the world of racism is not a linear progressive timeline, you can go backwards on ridding the world of race as well and by “some” indications that seems to be what is happening. Did you notice that when you really get out of your home and go shopping, to the park, etc. that your perception in real life differs from what you see in the media?