New Zealand Reinstitutes Crippling Lockdown over One New Case of COVID-19

August 18, 2021 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


Source: Need To Know | Big League Politics


New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is reinstituting a week-long lockdown after one individual, reported to be an unvaccinated 58-year old man, is said to have contracted COVID-19. New Zealand has a population of nearly five-million people and only a 20% vaccine-compliance rate, so it appears these lockdowns are designed as a negative incentive to force more people to take the vaccines. Australia is enforcing extreme lockdowns, police action, and intense propaganda to create virtual public hysteria. -GEG

The country of New Zealand, hailed by globalists for its political leadership, is reinstituting a week-long lockdown after one individual contracted the COVID-19 virus.

They reported that a 58-year-old man, who is reportedly unvaccinated, contracted COVID-19 on a local basis. This is causing Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern to lockdown the entire country.

“A hard and early response is the best tool to stamp out any potential spread and everyone in New Zealand is asked to stay calm, be kind and play their part while we gather more information on the potential case,” the health department said.

Right now, New Zealand has only at a 20 percent vaccine compliance rate, so these lockdowns are more about punishing society so they receive the vaccine than anything else. This is how public policy is conducted in the age of the soulless technocracy where civil liberties are a thing of the past.

Big League Politics has reported on how New Zealand’s neighbor, Australia, is instituting some of the most Draconian policies the world has ever known, bolstered by psychotic terror propaganda to instill hysteria in the minds of the youth:

The Australian government has released a video meant to terrorize young people into complying with COVID-19 edicts, including the mandatory experimental vaccine.

They released this shocking propaganda video that is enraging individuals in the country who haven’t lost their souls to mass hysteria: 



… It should come as no surprise that this type of propaganda is being produced right as the country announces the dawning of a “New World Order” publicly.

The mainstream media in Australia has officially announced that they are operating under a virus regime with no bedrock freedoms or civil liberties, and they come right out and call this the new world order: 



… This agenda is not limited to Australia; it is being pushed throughout the entire world as part of the Great Reset. If the people of the world do not revolt and do so soon, they could be under the yoke of Big Brother permanently before long.

New Zealand and Australia are being used as the test cases to gauge what the public is willing to accept. The dark prophecies of the new world order are all unfolding before our very eyes.

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