Plan E?

January 11, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


If the predictable election of 2016 fails to deliver the controllable neoconservative president, if a pseudo-McCarthyite campaign against an economically recovering and energy-independent Russia fails again, if putting your own guys in the National Security Council also fails, and if an impeachment seems likewise doomed to peter out, what do you have left?

If you are a war-whoringpetrodollar-preservingrapture-ready, neoconservative globalist…. well, you’re in luck!

President Pence is ready to step in.

The beauty of Plan E, the fifth backup, is very precious.  The very failures of previous attempts to amend the 2016 election – and stop Trump’s early promises to put America first, bring our troops home, secure borders, and spend the American taxpayer bounty on American production and infrastructure – have paved the way for a wholesale public acceptance of the neoconservative agenda.  This time, with relief and happiness.

It’s almost as if we the sheeple have been given a collective dose of something feel-good, non-thinking, and cozy, and indeed we have.