Police Arrest Victim After BLM Agitators Block His Car & Assault Him

April 19, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff


Source: NewsWars

“I live here!”

By Kelen McBreen


During a BLM rally in Stillwater, Minnesota on Saturday, a man trying to drive home was blocked by the large group of protesters and assaulted when he yelled at them for impeding his path. 



At the beginning of the now-viral video, three motorcyclists stopped a car from turning down a residential street.

“I live here!” the driver shouted before a biker retorted, “I don’t give a f**k!”

The two then got face-to-face and the biker pushed the individual trying to get home.

The tough-guy biker then stepped back and let his friends hold back the infuriated driver who continued screaming, “I live here! I live right here!”

While pleading with the demonstrators, the large motorcyclist once again shoved the angry individual.

Next, police rushed forward and snatched the driver and arrested him.

A BLM protester described the encounter to her comrades, saying, “There was an angry motorist who refused to move his car. The police were on the scene and low and behold, a miracle of God, they took him away, put him in the back of a squad car, they moved his vehicle out of the street so we can peacefully continue our march!”


Many doubted the day would come, but the “protests” that often turn into violent riots have officially entered the suburbs.



This video highlights the power of the mob as they were able to illegally block a neighborhood and assault a man only for him to be the one getting arrested by the police.