RED ALERT: The Anti-Vax & Covid Truth Movements Will Soon Be Vilified After Being Blamed for Staged False Flag Domestic Terrorism

August 16, 2021 in News by RBN Staff


Source: State of the Nation

State of the Nation

Without any doubt whatsoever, the Biden Administration and U.S. Intelligence Community (all 17  alphabet agencies) are now on a very serious mission to irreversibly demonize the entire Covid Truth Movement.

The New World Order globalist cabal is especially determined to destroy the worldwide Health Freedom and Anti-Vaccine Movements. As follows:

HOMELAND SECURITY Setting Up False Flag Domestic Terrorist Attack
to Destroy Anti-Vax & Covid Truth Movements

The NWO perpetrators of OPERATION COVID-19 really have no choice at this point as the various Truth Movements have become so successful at disseminating life-saving information and data across the planet.

This stark reality for the CORONAhoax perps has made them desperate, reckless and brazen to the extreme.  They are literally operating like cornered rats, which they truly are, and, therefore, they are quite likely to devastate the truth-seeking movements by any means necessary and every means possible.  They don’t care how much collateral damage is done, or how many innocent people are killed in the process.  Remember, these are the very same genocidal criminals behind the false flag 9/11 terrorist attacks against the American people, so what won’t they do.

Is this how the Covid perps will try to take down the
truth-seeking Anti-Vax Movement on September 11, 2021?!?!

A Sleeping Giant Awakens

There are very good reason(s) why the treasonous Biden Administration is hellbent on squashing any and all dissent against their nefarious agendas.

 First, they know that the Right has awakened and aligned with truthers in every community.   They also know that a massive nationwide initiative is growing daily that seeks to hold accountable every single Covid criminal.

The guilty are now aware that there is a serious endeavor that will soon unite the Patriot sheriffs in all 50 states with a constitutional Citizen’s Movement.  These citizen Patriots will be lawfully empowered to carry out Citizen’s Arrests, convene Citizen’s Grand Juries, conduct Citizen’s Trials and Prosecutions, as well as execute the harsh sentences that will be handed down. See: HANG THEM ALL! LIVE—ON THE INTERNET!

 Secondly, the Covid perps are also well aware that they require a high level of INFORMED CONSENT from the citizenry in order to implement their NWO agenda all the way to a One World Government and Global Security Superstate.

However, because of the highly leveraged power and influence afforded by the global Internet, the rapid convergence of Truth Movements worldwide has become a HUGE impediment toward achieving their long-planned totalitarian state and multifarious tyrannical goals.

 Thirdly, there is the very legitimate concern that the Covid criminals have about the politicians and bureaucrats, doctors and lawyers, scientists and academics in the middle who are absolutely necessary to carry out their wildly reckless Covid schemes.  Those men and woman in the middle are facing for the very first time in American history the collective wrath of We the People.

In point of fact, every single day that goes by under the draconian and despotic Covid regime popping up — AGAIN — around the USA, the angrier people are getting.  In some places, soccer moms and stay-out-home dads are crashing school board, city council and county commission meetings as never before.  These good folks are filled with righteous indignation and legitimate rage as never witnessed in the United States.

• Then there is the 800 pound gorilla sitting on the back of every Democrat and Deep Stater in the nation.  All of them know full well that it’s just a matter of time before the greatest election theft in world history is blown wide open for everyone to see.  In fact, the hard evidence and indisputable proof of confirming the 2020 POTUS election theft is so overwhelming, the Left is likely to collapse in a day and a night.

Along with revealing the criminal details of that HUGE election fraud that saw POTUS imposter unlawfully installed in the Oval Office, the same liberal perps are just as desperate to steal the 2022 midterm elections.  This can only be accomplished by falsely perpetuating the ongoing COVIDcon farce right through the present election cycle.  Hence, false flag terrorism will be employed by the perfidious perps at every turn necessary.

Bottom Line

Given these harrowing developments for the Democrats traitors, Deep State enablers, NWO globalists manipulators, and treacherous Bidenites, they will resort to a series of false flag 9/11-level terrorist attacks in order to malign the good American people intent on exposing the Covid crime wave; what is actually an immense Covid crime tidal wave.

SOS!!! Here’s how the Biden Administration will attempt to demonize
all anti-vaxxers and opponents to Covid controls.

State of the Nation
August 14, 2021