Report: 2017s Top 10 worst places to live in America all voted heavily for Hillary in 2016

January 31, 2017 in News by RBN


The Top 10 Worst States of America is a list put out by the Anscon Business Journal, and it focuses on crime, quality of life, and employment.

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The worst places are as follows:

Bellingham, Washington
> Population: 83,363
> Median home value: $303,900
> Poverty rate: 21.4%
> Pct. with at least a bachelor’s degree: 43.7%


Palo Alto, California
> Population: 66,968
> Median home value: 1,000,000+
> Poverty rate: 4.3%
> Pct. with at least a bachelor’s degree: 80.4%


Chico, California
> Population: 89,187
> Median home value: $275,600
> Poverty rate: 24.7%
> Pct. with at least a bachelor’s degree: 38.7%


Boston, Massachusetts
> Population: 656,051
> Median home value: $413,500
> Poverty rate: 22.6%
> Pct. with at least a bachelor’s degree: 46.5%


Cleveland, Ohio
> Population: 389,524
> Median home value: $65,900
> Poverty rate: 39.2%
> Pct. with at least a bachelor’s degree: 15.1%

The typical Cleveland household earns only $24,701 a year, the second lowest median household income of any U.S. city. The city’s 39.2% poverty rate is the fifth highest of any U.S. city. Likely as a result of poor economic conditions, the city’s population has declined by 9.7% in the last five years alone. The negative population growth is not doing much to help property values in Cleveland. The median home value in the city of $65,900 is worth less than in all but three other U.S. cities.


Fall River, Massachusetts
> Population: 88,705
> Median home value: $230,600
> Poverty rate: 22.8%
> Pct. with at least a bachelor’s degree: 13.1%

The median household income in fall river is only $35,037, just roughly half the income a typical Massachusetts household earns and about $18,500 less than the income the typical American household earns. Placing further pressure on residents wallets, a single dollar also has less purchasing power in the city as goods and services are roughly 19% more expensive in the city than they are across the country as a whole. In Fall River, 22.8% of people live below the poverty line, a considerably larger share than the 15.5% of impoverished Americans.


Miami, Florida
> Population: 430,341
> Median home value: $245,000
> Poverty rate: 26.2%
> Pct. with at least a bachelor’s degree: 23.6%

No city in the United States is worse to live in than Miami. The city’s median home value of $245,000 is well above the national median of $181,200. However, with a median household income of only $31,917 a year, well below the national median of $53,657, most of these homes are either out of reach or a financial burden on most Miami residents. Like most of the worst cities to live in, more than one in every four people in Miami live in poverty. According to recently released research from the nonprofit think tank the Economic Policy Institute, the top 1% of earners in the Miami metro area make about $2 million annually, 45 times greater than the average income of the other 99% of earners. This earnings gap makes the metro area nearly the most unequal of any U.S. city.

Citywide violence is closely associated with a range of negative social and economic outcomes, including incarceration, unstable employment, lower cognitive functioning among children, and anxiety. A disproportionately large portion of Miami residents likely experience some of these outcomes as the city’s violent crime rate, at 1,060 incidents per 100,000 people, is several times higher than the national rate.