Robert Mueller Thought His Troubles With Trump Were Over. But He Was Very Mistaken

February 29, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Robert Mueller wasted years and millions of tax dollars on a witch hunt against President Donald Trump.

But his investigation turned up empty, and the President was exonerated.

But Robert Mueller thought his troubles with Trump were over. But he was very mistaken.

The Robert Mueller investigation was the source of much political controversy.

The Special Counsel worked on an investigation into President Donald Trump that resulted in arrests of many of the President’s colleagues.

But the investigation, which was based upon a now-discredited dossier, was all for nothing.

Mueller could not pin any wrongdoing on the President. Trump did not ever, and will never collude with foreign powers to influence an American election.

But Trump isn’t letting this illegally run investigation go so easily.

The President took to Twitter on Tuesday to blast both the federal prosecutors working on Roger Stone’s case, and to bring threats of lawsuits over Mueller’s investigation.