So now we look to Jim Cramer for Covid information, and Health Advice?

July 28, 2021 in News by RBN Staff


 So Jim Cramer is now the NEW Bill Nye the Science Guy??? Jim Cramer, (a man of many talents), who not only knows Wall Street/stocks, but he can now predict how many sick people there will be in 9 weeks from Covid?

What is wrong with this picture that we look to NON-experts for advice, and then prop them up as Covid Experts? Why do we accept the Mainstream Media making experts out of NON experts?
Why are they not called out?
So Cramer is now Fauci’s number 2, (go-to guy), for Covid information?
Q: Would you have a plumber do your electrical wiring in your house?
You wouldn’t , so why would you listen to a person who speaks about Stocks, and Wall Street futures about Covid?

The Covid fraud keeps coming.  Wake up…. Smell the BS.

– Steve Elkins



Source: Mediaite

WATCH: Jim Cramer Freaks Out Over Delta Variant, Predicts We Could See ‘100 Million People Sick in 9 Weeks’

BTommy Christopher



CNBC financial pundit Jim Cramer sounded the alarm about the Delta variant of the coronavirus, predicting that the U.S. could see 100 million people stricken by the disease “in 9 weeks.”

On Wednesday morning’s edition of The Street Live, Cramer delivered a dismal forecast based on recent market performance on the heels of news that the CDC would (and then did) revise mask guidelines in the face of the Delta variant.

Interviewing Cramer on the trading floor, Jeff Marks asked Cramer what effect he thought the new CDC mask guidance would have on the market.

Cramer began by telling Marks to “look at Starbucks, which is getting crushed, on a good quarter by the way,” and asked Marks to consider what happens if “the great reopening” becomes “the great reclosing?”

“I mean in order to be able to get to herd immunity in this country, we’re going to have to have 100 million people get Covid,” Cramer said. “Now they won’t, we know it that doesn’t necessarily lead to death, leads to hospitalization, but with the way that this Delta variant goes, 100 million could be very quickly.”

Cramer then declared “I wouldn’t be surprised if we got a hundred million people sick in 9 weeks.”

Marks reacted to that alarming prediction in the most finance-bro way imaginable. Without missing a beat, he told Cramer “Let’s dig into that Starbucks quarter a little further.”

Watch above via CNBC.