The Parallel Society

September 10, 2021 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


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Stephen Elkins

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Structuring a “Parallel Society”, where those of us who have refused to be experimental lab rats to a mRNA shot, can live our lives and decide for ourselves, and still be productive and benefit our own society.  The author is absolutely correct in creating a PARALLEL society.  Will we allow the Elites, (Politicians, and Billionaires vested in the pharmaceutical industry), to decide everything for us?  Endless vaccinations are on the horizon, if you accept just ONE of their shots. Shot 1, 2, 3, Booster, Booster, Booster………ENDLESS BOOSTERS.   They will continue to say…. If you don’t take this shot, then you are fired.  It never ends.  They control you through fear; intimidation, and removing your economics.  What kind of life is that?  It’s called slavery.  You answer to another, and stop answering to yourself.  Not the life I want to live, or the society I want to be a part of.  This is medical tyranny.  Refuse. Take a hard line stand now.  Your Body, Your Choice.  Take ownership of your person, and NEVER allow someone else to decide for you.  Regardless of the FDA APPROVING the Pfizer Covid Shot.  It means NOTHING.  Just another strategy to say to the people….. Look…. It’s safe now….. We approve it now….. NO longer Experimental.   Bogus.   It is still Experimental.  Most vaccines take a minimum of 8 to 10 years of research and trials.  Trials that begin with animals whose systems best represent humans.  After those trials end, then begin the first human study trials, (that is if the animal studies showed promise, and had minimal complications,(non life threatening).  The animal studies using the mRNA technology did not fare well.  They ALL died when re-exposed to the Covid virus.  Clotting issues leading to organ failure, and death.  Now why in the world would I believe that these EXPERIMENTAL mRNA shots would be safe when all the animals died?  These shots were developed in Warp Speed time.  A minuscule period of time when it comes to following a normal trial/research time span.  In less than 10 months.  Are you confident/comfortable with the pharmaceuticals shaving off 8 or 9 years from their typical research trials?  I am not.  Have you noticed all the lawsuit commercials on TV, whereby the law firm is in your corner?  Suing a drug company that had a faulty medication that caused harm, or death?  All those medications went through trials that lasted many, many years, AND many have failed over time.  They were approved by the FDA and now have caused harm, whereby those who are afflicted want compensation for harm done.  Is this sinking in yet?  NOTHING good comes from being Rushed. Words of wisdom from my Father, (Stephen B. Elkins Jr).  Is there even a need for a vaccine when your survival rate is 99.8 percent, (without comorbidity, or significant underlying health problems, CDC percentages) ?  Is this really a deadly pandemic, OR is this a Pandemic/Plandemic created for nefarious agendas, (The Great Reset), Klaus Schwab speech at the World Economic Forum…. We have an opportunity presented…, for a Great Economic Reset.  With every crisis comes an opportunity.   The FDA gave their approval for Thalidimide.  Outcome:  Thalidimide created birth defects.  Short extremities/arms. The FDA has recently given their approval for a pregnant woman to receive the Covid Shot  ???? .  The FDA preaches….. Don’t Drink; Smoke, or take illegal drugs, or medications during your pregnancy.  Doing so may cause harm to your fetus and lead to birth defects, BUT it’s OK to take an Experimental mRNA shot while you are  pregnant?  The FDA approves the Covid shots, so now it’s OK,……take the Covid shot.  History of the FDA.  The FDA approved the weight loss drug…. Fen- Phen.  Outcome:  Fen-Phen caused heart valve problems, which all required a surgical intervention, (valve replacement).  Vioxx.  A NSAID,  Arthritis drug.  Vioxx was approved by the FDA.  Outcome:  Vioxx, was found to cause heart attacks and strokes. Pulled from the market.   Merck pharmaceuticals agreed to pay 4.85 Billion dollars to nearly 27,000 lawsuits for Vioxx causing harm or death.  There are many FDA APPROVED drugs which have caused harm and death, and there are many law firms who are getting very rich right now seeking  financial compensation for damages done by these drugs.   The pharmaceutical’s top notch lawyers are looking for ways to NOT compensate the victims.  Find a Loophole.  That is their job. To  protect the money.  They are paid well, and they have no conscience.   Now, let’s talk about the Covid shots again as far as their Safety and the Pharmaceutical’s accountability if harm is done by their product.   They have….”BLANKET IMMUNITY” from lawsuits.  YOU CAN NOT SUE THEM FOR HARM DONE.  You suffer the hardships that come your way, (if you survive), and ALL the financial burden falls directly on you.  There is NO product liability.  Their shots are a crap shoot. You are gambling.  You might get lucky, or maybe not so lucky.  Your injuries may be apparent immediately, or develop over time.  You are gambling with your health in taking any of the EXPERIMENTAL mRNA shots.  It’s your choice.  Make a good choice for yourself.  Now let’s address Forced Mandatory Vaccinations.  I use the word FORCED as it relates to your employer FORCING you to take the shot, or you will be terminated.  They call this Medical Tyranny when the government experiments on unwilling people. Violating the Nuremberg Code.  Employers who follow in the government’s footsteps are compliant with Forced Medical Tyranny, AND you will receive NO financial compensation from your employer, if harm comes from the Covid shot.  Do you still feel confident that these shots are safe, when no one will hold themselves accountable?  A famous quote comes to mind….. Youth Ages, Immaturity is outgrown, Ignorance can be educated, and Drunkenness can be sobered, BUT….STUPID lasts forever.  Steve


*   A TRUE Vaccine,(CDC definition), prevents you from getting the disease after inoculation.  Your immune system activated.  Antibodies are released that recognize the pathogen, and immunity is acquired.  These are NOT vaccines…. They are shots.  They will bring you NO immunity, (that is why they give you BOOSTERS… Endless Boosters).  Claims of 95.5 % Effectiveness?  A pie in the sky number.  If so, then why all the extra shots and boosters?  A HIGH bogus percentage number advertised, to convince you that these shots are safe    Have faith in your God created immune system.  HEALTHY LIVING leads to a strong immune system. The PSA you will NEVER hear from the Government; the CDC, or the FDA.   Live life to the fullest, but be able to recognize FRAUD when it comes your way

Steve Elkins  –  Off the Beaten Path


The Parallel Society

By Andrew Torba


I spent all of August working all hours of the day to help fight back against the medical tyranny going on around the world while also fighting off the slings and arrows of the Globalist American Empire who wasn’t too happy about it.

At the end of July I published religious exemption documents in response to the overwhelming amount of private messages I received on Gab with people telling me that their school, workplace, and even our military would be forcing them to get inject an experimental vaccine into their body or lose everything.

The documents went wildly viral, not only on Gab, but across the entire internet. This caught the attention of the Enemy, who swiftly began their usual tactics of defaming me for reminding people that they have religious liberty, bodily autonomy, and human rights.

The first attack came from the New York Times and a Facebook-funded “research firm.” They claimed that by sharing religious exemption documents that I was spreading “misinformation.” Next the far-left blog New Republic did their best to smear me, but ended up making Gab look pretty based if you ask me. Finally, the far-left establishment activists at Media Matters said I was trying to “sabotage” vaccination efforts.

All of these attacks made me double down on my position of educating and helping the public, especially my brothers and sisters in Christ, navigate the most tyrannical attack on freedom in recent memory.

We created the No Vax Job Board group on Gab, which was a massive success and is leading to people finding new jobs without vaccine requirements.

Then I published a religious exemption template for college students as they faced being kicked out of school at the start of the fall semester for refusing to be injected.

I even sent an email (and encouraged others to do the same) to my own alma mater after learning that they were rejecting religious exemptions.

Oh and in case you missed it, Congress sent a letter to Gab and we responded here.

Needless to say, it was a busy month.

We must do everything we can right now to peacefully protect our freedom by building a parallel society. It’s baffling to me how people do not recognize the urgency of the situation we are in. We have lost so much over the past 18 months and we will never get it back unless we start taking a stand right this second.

That means putting in the work. You may need to find a new job. You may need to move. You may need to pull your children out of school. You may need to find a new doctor, a new church, a new everything. You may even have to show up at your local city council and school board meetings to let them have a piece of your mind.

What does a parallel society look like?

It looks like homeschooling your kids, turning off the television, deleting your Facebook account, reading your Bible, spending more time with your kids, moving to a better area near people who share your values, getting involved in local instead of national politics, finding a church that isn’t woke, supporting businesses who support your values, consuming content from people who share your values, and radically removing each and every last corrosive system of control and fear of the globohomo society from your life.

It won’t be easy, nothing worthwhile is, but it can and is being done by so many people in your exact position.

Let me ask you something: what is your freedom worth to you?

To me it is worth everything.

The freedom to worship in my church without permission from the State. The freedom to work without being forced to inject myself with a substance that I do not want in my body. The freedom to have a political opinion on the internet without being banned from banks and social networks. The freedom for my children to learn without having a disgusting and unhealthy dirty mask over their faces for eight hours a day and being told they are evil for their skin color.

Are these freedoms worth making an effort to preserve and protect? Absolutely. If they are to you, you better start acting like it because no one is coming to save you. Not politicians. Not Presidents. Only Jesus Christ saves and God helps those who help themselves.

Diligent hands will rule,
but laziness ends in forced labor. Proverbs 12:24

We are faced with a choice as we undergo one of the most radical power plays in human history by the global elite. We can shut up, put on the mask, take the 4+ (and counting) vaccines, and be treated like cattle, or we can peacefully take action by exiting their entire system and forging our own path forward in a parallel economy, a parallel internet, and a parallel society.

To God be the Glory,

Andrew Torba
Only Jesus Saves