The shocking truth about COVID-19

May 11, 2021 in News, Video by RBN Staff

source:  stoptheworldcontrol


What is truly going on with COVID-19 and the global pandemic? Is what the mainstream media is saying, the absolute truth? Why are thousands of medical doctors, leading scientists and lawyers around the world warning humanity? How can you discern between conspiracy theories and actual facts presented by respected scientific and medical experts? If you are willing to see the truth about COVID-19 then check the following reports.

Internationally respected
medical expert warns humanity

World renown vaccine expert Dr. Carrie Madej has studied vaccines and DNA for over twenty years. As former medical director of two large clinics, she has gained in depth understanding of medicine. In this groundbreaking documentary she reveals how new technologies are being proposed for the next generation of vaccines, like the experimental gene therapy which is called COVID-19 vaccines. These technologies are designed to inject nanotechnology into the human body, and start the process of transhumanism.