Those are serious words! Putin’s appeal to EU citizens… We don’t have much of a choice!

April 19, 2021 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


via: Keith Rodgers


Vladimir Vladimirovich P U T I N
President of the Russian Federation

A call for peace!
Europeans, do we really want World War III?
European compatriots! “Your” politicians want to prove how useful they are to the EU, NATO and the US. They expect their “hardline stance” towards Russia to bring them higher in their careers, to even better-paid positions than they have today, which is why they are competing in draft sanctions, sending combat troops, and other manifestations of uncontrolled aggression against Russia, increasing the risk of World War III from day to day.
They are so blinded by their own uncontrollable power and the prospect of its further growth that they expect Russia to give in to last-minute pressure from NATO and there will be no war.
But how is Russia supposed to back down? What should Russia do to make them happy? Should he give up his territories and voluntarily submit them to anyone interested in them?
The true goal of all those, whether they are from Europe or from across the ocean, who want to provoke war, is Russia’s wealth. Should Russia give away its wealth to avoid war?
Should he have his own population liquidate in Ukraine? Everyone who’s thinking sober knows it’s never going to happen!  Russia will never succumb to pressure like it has never succumbed in the past, nor will it in the future.
It is now clear that the war in its architects’ plans is not to end in Ukraine. Russia is the main target, but the war will engulf the whole of Europe.
What will make a higher profit for the US, and what will the US pull out of the debt crisis faster than war production?  What more effectively eliminates US competition in the form of the EU and Russia than the mutual slaughter of entire nations in Europe?  What will help the US expand its sphere of influence more than post-war loans, precisely according to the tested scenario used.