Three Members of Black Militia Group Accidentally Shot By Another Member

July 27, 2020 in News, Video by RBN Staff

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 Louisville, Kentucky: The Not F*cking Around Coalition (NFAC), a black militia with several hundred members, were protesting the police shooting of Breona Taylor during a no-knock raid. Grand Master Jay, the leader of the group, issued an ultimatum to Attorney General Daniel Cameron demanding the full truth about the shooting or else “we are going to burn this mother-[expletive] down.” During a public show of force in Baxter Park on Saturday, a member of the NFAC accidentally discharged a gun and shot three other members of the NFAC who were taken to the hospital with what are reported to be non-life threatening injuries.Jeffery Reece, who is a veteran and a member of another armed group that calls itself the Three Percenters, said he was there to protect the police. Another member of the group said, “All vets really want to just keep the peace.” Later in the night, rioters shut down a roadway and threw bottles at police. Three were arrested and the crowd returned to the park. -GEG

The leader of a Black militia group says when Attorney General Daniel Cameron told him it would be four months before his investigation into the Breonna Taylor case would be completed, he had one response.

“I told him, ‘You ain’t got four months.’”

The comments came from Grand Master Jay, leader of the NFAC, the “Not F****ing Around Coalition, to about 350 armed militia members in downtown Louisville Saturday.

Standing on the steps of Metro Hall, Grand Master Jay said he was told Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer only gave the full case to Cameron last week, and that Cameron told him in a phone call that the case file was sorely lacking in documents.

“There was no crime scene,” Grand Master Jay told the group. “There was no report. There was no ballistics. There was no blood and toxicology. Matter of fact, there wasn’t nothing. So when they gave it to the AG, and he said, ‘Where’s the case?’ The mayor said, ‘I gave you enough. Do your job.’”

“And they thought that [EXPLETIVE] was gonna go away,” Grand Master Jay told the group. “But you mother-[EXPLETIVE]s ain’t stupid.”

He said he asked Cameron on the phone if he would arrest the officers, and he says Cameron responded with, “I’m going to do what I need to do.”

In response, the militia leader told the group that he issued an ultimatum to Cameron, telling him he had four weeks to finish the investigation. He also promised that the NFAC would return to Louisville.

“Four weeks from today, we gonna come back here, and we should have an answer,” he said.

He then got the group to look at their watches and repeat an oath that if, in four weeks, they didn’t “get the truth…the whole truth…and the mother-[EXPLETIVE] truth…we are going to burn this mother-[EXPLETIVE] down.”

In a statement on Saturday evening, Cameron’s office confirmed that the attorney general did speak with Grand Master Jay by phone, but denied making any statements about a timeline.

“As was confirmed earlier this week, the conversation between Grand Master Jay, Metro Council President David James and the Attorney General was productive,” the statement read. “The Attorney General reiterated his commitment to a thorough and independent investigation into the death of Ms. Taylor, but he did not comment on any specifics related to the timeline of the investigation.”

Cameron also tweeted a statement about the ongoing protests Saturday afternoon urging that the focus of the demonstrations be “the desire for truth,” not violence.

“Those who are gathering in Louisville today to protest, we understand the desire for truth and ask that to be the focus of demonstrations, not violence. We continue to work diligently in pursuit of the truth by conducting an independent investigation into the death of Ms. Taylor.”

Grand Master Jay’s address came hours after three members of the NFAC were shot after a militia member’s gun accidentally discharged in Baxter Park, before the downtown Louisville rally, according to Louisville Metro Police Chief Robert Schroeder.

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