TRAGIC. 30 of 109 US Coronavirus Deaths Are Associated with the Same Senior Center in Kirkland, Washington

March 18, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Your Destination Now


The number of cases of coronavirus jumped significantly in the United States on Tuesday. 
As testing becomes more accessible across the country it was expected that the number of cases would increase.
On Tuesday there has been 1,806 new cases of coronavirus reported.
23 new deaths were reported in the US due to the coronavirus.
US Coronavirus Totals.
** 6,469 total confirmed cases
** 109 total coronavirus deaths.
** Three new deaths in Washington state.
** 30 of the 109 US deaths were associated with the Senior Life Center in Kirkland.
** The Senior Life Center went from 120 to 60 patients over the past month.

** The US mortality rate went from 3% last week to 1.9% on Sunday to 1.6% on Tuesday.

** Minus the Senior Life Center numbers the US mortality rate is at 1.2%.

How tragic.