Unfortunate Son: The Plight of John Fogerty in The Jewish Dominated Music Industry

June 30, 2018 in News by Ken

Source: www.renegadetribune.com
By Robert Heimdal

Introduction by author

In connection with all the debate which took place recently at Renegade Broadcasting on the subject of the Jewish-dominated music industry I have decided to publish what is probably one of my oldest articles ever (never published before anywhere by the way). First of all I have to apologize for the (relative) length of it, and for some of the redundancies that might show up, but taking into account that when I first wrote this article I didn’t even know where I was going to publish it, I suppose apologies this time are unnecessary. Regardless I’m assuming there might be some Creedence Clearwater Revival fans among the Renegade readership, so I guess most of them will appreciate the effort anyway. The story which I’m presenting here has all the elements of any story concerning Jews and their shenanigans: Scamming the unsuspecting Goyim, dividing and conquering by getting brothers at loggerheads with each other, using “legal” means to steal from others (particularly from White people), Jewish-styled vendetta situations, etc, etc. So much so that -if one reads between the lines- he/she will realize that this is basically an archetypal story, though it is as real as it can be. It is sadly ironic that at present John Fogerty is married to a certain Julie Kramer. To make it even more ironic (but not so surprising) Fogerty was recently “recruited” by some Adam Levine to fulfill the role of The Voiceadviser a couple of years ago or so. What can I add to that? Some White folks will never learn!

The Article

Going back to my days in Old Albion (it feels already like a lifetime ago) I read an article in a local weekly magazine, which left an imprint on me for some reason. It was an interview with John Fogerty, former leader of that American classic rock band known as Creedence Clearwater Revival. It was by the time he had just released his fifth solo album entitled Blue Moon Swamp.

By that time, being a young guy myself, I used to read anything that fell into my hands about old rock acts from the 1960s-70s and beyond, but reading this particular article was probably the first time I was exposed to the truth on what the music industry is really all about in its crudest form. I must admit that nowadays I could not care less about any type of rock’n’roll star whatsoever (for a number of reasons which are neither here nor there – unless these “rock stars” are connected to Counter-cultural intelligence) even if some of these people meant something to me in my youth at some point. However, I think this particular story needs some attention even if it is only for the sake of “entertainment”. Most people here will be able to get to obvious conclusions -without much of an effort- when taking into account the ethnic backgrounds, character and personalities of the people involved in such a story.

For all the too-young-to-know folks out there who might be reading this article, Creedence Clearwater Revival was one of the most popular American rock bands from the late 1960s – early 1970s. So much so that after the Beatles’ split-up they became one of the biggest selling acts in the entire world (this side of Led Zeppelin of course) with songs like ‘Proud Mary’, ‘Suzie-Q’, ‘Fortunate Son’, ‘Who’ll Stop The Rain’, ‘Bad Moon Rising’, ‘Up Around The Bend’, ‘Down On The Corner’, ‘Green River’ and a long strain of other anthems which have been celebrated and featured predominantly in movies (especially portraying this particular period in history) and also many TV adverts. These songs have been played on the radio ad nauseam for decades (to the point of me ending up hating them) and have been covered by uncountable other artists ever since. CCR’s musical blend was a cross-over of Southern swampish boogie and simple old-time rock’n’roll with tinges of pop, more or less what we would consider ‘Americana sound these days. Even when trying to look back in retrospect their music sounds as timeless and fresh today as it did back in its heyday.

All this was accomplished by the genius of John Fogerty, who aside from being singer and lead guitarist for the band, was its main songwriter. His superb talent to craft catchy rock songs of the first calibre took the band to the stratosphere of popular stardom. But there was a sinister dark shadow hovering over this rock’n’roll star’s wet dream; Creedence Clearwater Revival (as many other artists before and after) had a Jewish manager… and what a (((leech))) of a Manager this one was.

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