US, Israeli Military Advisors Accused of Aiding ISIL Arrested in Iraq

March 8, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

Source: Sputnik News

18:49 07.03.2015

Iraqi forces hold captured ISIL flag.

Iraqi security forces hold a captured ISIL flag in October, 2014. © AP Photo/ Uncredited

American and Israeli military advisors were arrested while aiding Islamic State terrorists in Iraq.

Iraqi counter-terrorism forces arrested four foreign military advisors from the United States and Israel who were aiding the Islamic State, Iranian Tasnim News Agency reports.

Three of the arrested military advisors are dual citizens of the United States and Israel, while the fourth advisor is from a Persian Gulf country, Iraq’s Sarma News Agency said.The foreign military advisors were captured in a headquarters, from where the Islamic State organized its military operations in Iraq’s Northern Province of Nineveh.

The arrests were made during the Operation, codenamed “The Sting of a Scorpion”. A number of other Islamic State fighters have been killed during the assault. The detained foreign advisors have now been transferred to Baghdad.

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