VIDEO: Obama Hater Creates BRUTAL Video Showing 140 Lies Obama Told Over His 8 SOTU Addresses

January 17, 2016 in News, Obama by RBN

President Barack Obama delivered his final State of the Union address on Tuesday evening, and once again he played fast and loose with the truth in a number of statements.

Of course, this is nothing new, as Obama has routinely used his SOTU speeches to spread a whole host of lies and half-truths.

Thankfully, somebody took the time to compile a video showing 140 different untruths told by the president in his previous SOTU addresses. What follows are just a handful of his biggest lies.

 In his 2009 address, Obama famously declared, “If your family makes less than $250,000 a year, you will not see your taxes increased a single dime.”

In 2010, while touting his Obamacare health care reforms, Obama proclaimed, “Our approach would preserve the right of Americans who have insurance to keep their doctor and their plan. It would reduce costs and premiums for millions of families and businesses.”

In that same speech, Obama also said, “We will continue to go through the budget, line by line, to eliminate programs that we can’t afford and don’t work.”

 The 2011 speech was populated with quite a few lies, including “When we find rules that put an unnecessary burden on businesses, we will fix them,” and, “The health insurance law we passed last year will slow these rising costs.”

2012 included such whoppers as “I’m directing my administration to open more than 75 percent of our potential offshore oil and gas resources,” and, “I’ve ordered every federal agency to eliminate rules that don’t make sense.”

In the 2013 speech, Obama proudly yet prematurely proclaimed, “By the end of next year, our war in Afghanistan will be over,” which ironically was followed by the doozy, “Our government shouldn’t make promises we cannot keep — but must keep the promises we’ve already made.”

Obama declared in 2014 that “I will act on my own to slash bureaucracy,” along with the laughable, “Let’s do more to help the entrepreneurs and small business owners who create most new jobs in America.”

2015’s speech was also chock-full of lies and half-truths, including Obama’s claim regarding his supposed efforts against the Islamic State group, in which he said, “We are leading a broad coalition, including Arab nations, to degrade and ultimately destroy this terrorist group.”

However, the biggest lie of them all in 2015 was Obama saying, “I commit to every Republican here tonight that I will not only seek out your ideas, I will seek to work with you to make this country stronger.”

Obama has only a passing acquaintanceship with the truth, as revealed by the many misleading statements and outright lies he has told, just in his State of the Union speeches.

Thankfully, we only have one more year of listening to his lies before we have a different president, hopefully one who has a better relationship with honesty and the truth.