Watch: Absolutely Hilarious Video Shows ‘All the Wonderful Things Communism Has to Offer’ In CHAZ

June 22, 2020 in News, Video by RBN Staff

Source:  prepareforchange

Radical anarchists lovingly call their new kingdom “CHAZ.” Benny Johnson from Turning Point USA made a hilariously satirical tourism video that highlights “all the wonderful things that communism has to offer” in Seattle’s Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone. The narration may be a farce but it’s true and the images speak for themselves.



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Welcome to CHAZ

The video may be funny, but it’s sad at the same time because it “reveals the harsh reality of what a society without rules, order and mixed with chaos might just look like,” Sara Carter writes.

The video opens in a typical home scene. “Are you sick of living in capitalist America? Sick of your freedoms and rights? And security and due process? Well, come on down to CHAZ,” Johnson invites.

Exploring the finest that communistic anarchy has to offer, the two minute video explores “areas full of trash and graffiti, as well as people publicly defecating and using drugs in the streets.”

Disgusting and scary

Watching the video is horrific enough but imagine actually being there. Sara Carter notes, “it would be disgusting and scary.” Why is it that anarchists never pick up the trash? Johnson shows the piled mounds and declares, “be a good environmentalist by throwing your trash everywhere and expecting capitalist America to pick it up.”

As he films the ever-present graffiti, Johnson relates, artists in the Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone “are free to create art anywhere they want, even on playgrounds for children and historic buildings. You can even create art on bathrooms that capitalist America has donated to CHAZ.” Using the facilities is a different story. Most residents agree, choosing to do their business in the street instead.